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Intending to turn the Divine Power against the Gods themselves, the
progenitor of humanity Adam Weishaupt was struck down by the Symphogear,
transmuted by the Lapis Philosophorum powered by Saint-Germain's ideals.

The secretive Bavarian Illuminati met its end,
and the remnants forced into a corner by the actions of various governments.

The Illuminati weren't the only ones driven into a corner.

The former superpower America had once again turned its nuclear weapons towards Japan.
Facing international criticism, they were forced into solitude on the world stage.

Although they wish for a political solution
in order to prevent the embargo from becoming the spark of a new global conflict,
conflicting expectations of national parties led only to discord, and progress is nearly non-existent.

Even Japan, one of the countries involved,
had sent an appeal to America for a cooperative partnership to mend the broken relationship between the two countries.
Despite this, the act began and ended in superficiality and no agreement was ever reached.

The fate of the world is one that no-one can yet see.

Furthermore, the tensions run high at home as well.

From a place where all the city's landmarks could be viewed at once,
riding in a gondola on the large Ferris wheel famed as a dating location,
were Lydian Private Music Academy students Tachibana Hibki and Kohinata Miku.

The taiyaki they hold in their hands, filled with rice dumplings, are splendid.
Without being too sweet, the epitome of red bean paste has no faults to speak of.

Yet even so, as tension runs between them,
Miku calmly poses a question to Hibiki.

Sure enough, a question that the answer to which lies only within Hibiki, who is at a loss for words.

The threads of legend weaved in the past converge on XV.

The battle around the holy corpse occurs in the dead of summer.

With the bursting lake's surface as their stage, the Girls' voices unleash their radiance.


Episode 1


From Beyond Human History

A casket, sealed away in ages past, surfaces in midsummer.
What lies within is sin, punishment— And the truth.
Its silence is stunning, as words themselves are stolen away.

The fiends of remnant gaze down from above, freed from their yokes.
Dreaming of a future denied, they seek vengeance for a disgrace suffered.


A priestess who once existed within an eternal moment.

She has appeared many times throughout human history, and is the instigator of many of mankind's great paradigm shifts.

She is also the single most important individual to the story of the Adaptors thus far. Her name bears the meaning of "the end."

When she incarnated within Sakurai Ryouko, Finè developed many heretical technologies, starting with the Symphogear System.

However, all of these technologies were mistakes, brought about by the Curse of Balal causing her to be unable to convey her emotions.

Although she was once immortal, in the end she was set free from delusion by the fist and the scythe, able move on with a smile.

Behind her sadness, however,

was a truth not known to anyone, not even Finè herself.
In a world flooded with nonsense, stubbornly holding on to common sense is akin to being your own worst enemy.

However, we must not forget that there are some occasions where common sense can become the perfect blade to cut all the nonsense straight in two!

"High speed maneuvers on ice call for skates, duh!"
The Symphogear System has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it.

Depending on the Adaptor's level of skill and personal battle style,
there is a systematic progression of phases that they go through to release the locks.

In the decisive battle against the Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt,
the current iteration of the Symphogears, rebuilt by the red gleam of the Lapis Philosophorum,
were contaminated by a foreign element outside of their original design specifications.
This is assumed to be the inclusion of the Faust Robea's special characteristics.

Examinations and trials showed no immediate problems,
and despite the continued caution regarding anomalies,
circumstances forced the Adaptors back into normal activity.

S.O.N.G. continues to collect data while the Adaptors continue combat, observing any changes that may have occurred.
An ID was engraved upon each Symphogear by the system's creator, Sakurai Ryouko. They are as follows:

SG-r01 Ame-no-Habakiri (Adaptor: Tsubasa)

SG-r02 Ichaival (Adaptor: Chris)

SG-r03' Gungnir (Adaptor: Hibiki)

SG-x00 Airget-lahm (Adaptor: Maria)

SG-i01 Shul Shagana (Adaptor: Shirabe)

SG-i02 Igalima (Adaptor: Kirika)

"SG" stands for "Symphogear." The "r" and "i" stand for "regular" and "irregular," respectively. This is based upon various facts and circumstances surrounding their development.

The "x," which is unique to Airget-lamh, indicates it was created from an "unidentified relic," as it was unable to be classified after analysis.

Furthermore, the extra apostrophe after Gungnir’s ID number is to separate it from another unit developed from a fragment of the same relic. It also signifies that this unit was developed after the original "03." On the whole, whenever the Symphogears are discussed, their model number is usually abbreviated or omitted entirely in favor of simply referring to them by the base relic.

As an addendum, the below list includes the model numbers for the Symphogear units that have been lost:

SG-r03 Gungnir (Adaptor: Kanade -> Hibiki)

SG-i03 Shenshoujing (Adaptor: Miku)
Something not categorized as either normal technology or heretical technology.

These are phenomenon that completely contradict and transcend our current understanding of reason, technology, and divine providence.

In other words, we have no idea. At all.
A precious existence that always watches over us. Our hearts can connect, even without using words.
A massive structure constructed by the Annunaki.

It is thought to be the source of the "Curse of Balal," which distrupts mankind's mutual understanding.

Once, a prehistoric priestess known as Finè set out to destroy the moon, and the ruins along with it.

Furthermore, the Bavarian Illuminati, under the leadership of Saint-Germain, attempted to gain control of the ruins and release the curse on humanity.

However, neither attempt was successful, and humanity still shoulders the yoke of disharmony brought forth by the lunar ruins.
A term referring to the puppets utilized by alchemists.

Recently, the Autoscorer known as "Tiki" was discovered to be equipped with a relic known as the "Antikythera Mechanism," giving her the ability to observe, map, and record the movements of planets and stars.

The collected data covered a wide number of topics, including mapping the veins of the Earth and heavens, known as Leylines,

as well as the location of a "coffin" containing an Annunaki's holy corpse.
The Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, who sits atop the organization.

His true form was that of a puppet, created before even prehistoric civilization. He was cast aside, a discarded prototype for mankind.

The reason for his abandonment was being "too perfect."

Although he possessed every ability and function his creators, the Annunaki, wished, it was reasoned that he had no potential beyond that and was dismissed from being officially designated as "human."

Aiming once again to become the ruler of the planet and foreseeing the imminent revival of the Annunaki, he sought the "power" that would allow him to stand on their level and mount his resistance. In this, he found himself at odds with the Symphogear Adaptors and the rest of the Illuminati's leadership.

With his dying breath, he spat a curse upon tomorrow and sneered at the God Slayer's fist.
With the passing of Lodgemaster Adam Weishaupt, this term refers to the scattered remnants of the

Bavarian Illuminati that lie in hiding.

The majority of such individuals were apprehended by officials of various governments, and are now awaiting judgment.

However, three specimens held in contempt within the society as being "filthy rustlings," Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa, grab hold of their dreams, hoist their ideals, and begin their dark and lonely voyage towards accomplishing their goals.

Thou must not look upon us with scorn.

For we are crimson, proud and true—Never was a speck of filthy rust upon us.
Theory made practice then finally becoming a decisive play,

an abbreviation for "Glittering Gear Gathering Finest Arts."

It is a more refined and efficient form of a tactic seen before in fights against powerful foes, "purging and blasting," and serves as one of the many special functions of the Symphogear.

It functions by converting the outer protective shell of the Symphogear back into energy, focusing it at the fist, and firing the energy at a target at precise timing.

The six Adaptors implementing the technique to focus the energy into a spiral point is known as "hexa-revolver."

By including support into the Symphogear's internal operating system, combined with data from numerous training sessions and live implementations, the technique was optimized to allow precise control over the conversion of defensive power into offensive power.

Currently, further exploration of other possible uses for this technique is underway.

Its greatest weakness is the decrease in effectiveness of the Symphogear's various defense fields. In such a state, there is even a limit to how much interference from the Alca-Noise the Symphogear can tolerate. Depending on the situation, even an Adaptor who stands victorious could be at risk of taking a fatal blow.

It is a "decisive play" not only in the sense that it immediately determines the victor.

The user must also have the conviction to accept the consequences.
A "Custodian," meaning "ruler" or "controller."

Depending on linguistic context, "Custodian" can also refer to a "God" or "Creator."

Their true identity is the one of the Anunnaki, which appear in ancient Sumerian legends.

They created the predecessor of humanity, an apex prototype known as "Adam," and placed the Curse of Balal upon humanity to seal their mutual understanding.

They are beings that remain shrouded in mystery, even today.

Featured Songs

Shiritsu Lydian Ongakuin Kouka
Rikka Ryouran


Episode 2


The Day the Heavens Fell

As seasons change from summer to winter, schemes once again begin to unfold.
Seeking a sacred husk, the swarm crawls forth from an ominous twilight.
There is no room for doubt, they are monsters with a lust for power.

You implore yourself to "do what must be done," and you answer in kind: "it shall be so."
Voices turn to screams as the curtain falls on the garden closest to you and heaven.


The southernmost continent, home of the South Pole and located where the land of Magellanica was once dreamed to be.

This cruel and frigid landscape is shrouded in mystery, thought to be home to or the location of many mysterious or supernatural events, including:
Giant pyramids
The Entrance to the Interior World
The Wilkes Land Gravity Anomaly
A secret Nazi hideout
The Mountains of Madness
The thing encountered by the Norwegian expedition

Despite the fact that many countries hold territorial claims on Antarctica and the surrounding area, there is no actual system of government and the territory is viewed as neutral.

In other words, many countries have conflicting claims and intentions, causing the handling of the newly-surfaced "coffin" and holy corpse therein to become a topic of heated debate.

The idea of the Japanese government and S.O.N.G., given its roots in Japanese Secret Service, possessing such technology is met with apprehension by a number of countries.

As a result, America was able to assert itself to gain control over the investigation.
Lake Vostok, the location where the coffin surfaced, is a vast underground lake located beneath

4 kilometers of Antarctic ice, encompassing over 14,000 square kilometers.

To give an idea, that's approximately six Skytrees worth of ice covering 294,000 domed baseball stadiums worth of water.

"Using things like radio towers and baseball stadiums as units of measurement is pretty common when talking about pro wrestlers...
But if you think about it, it's pretty weird."―Yukine Chris
A spasmodic and violent reflex that expels air from the nose and throat. An involuntary action.

The mechanism is difficult to properly anticipate,

and in some cases the sudden expulsion of air can create complicated expressions.
The song written by Kazanari Tsubasa to make her international debut. It is composed of her feelings towards leaving Japan and setting off into a new world.
They protect the eyes against intense solar rays and other bright lights.

Caucasians, as their skin color would suggest, suffer a number of health problems due to exposure to sunlight and therefore tend to wear them rather often.

In addition to blocking sunlight, they're also useful for hiding one's gaze, making it more difficult for the wearer to convey their true thoughts and emotions.

Who was it really that Ogawa thought seemed troubled?

Was it perhaps the one who yet yearned for a stage other than the battlefield?
Full name: Elsa Bete.

She hails from Lozère, France. After falling victim to assaults and kidnappings at the hands of her relatives, she fell into the hands of the Bavarian Illuminati for use in experiments.

As well as having undergone surgery to increase the sensitivity of her nerves, she was also augmented to allow faster reaction times and parallel information processing.

She uses her inhuman speed and manipulator devices known as "tail attachments" in combat.

In order to reduce the physical strain of such abilities, she was implanted with the DNA of several different beasts and as a result expresses some feral taint on her body.

Compared to Vanessa and Millaarc, she may be lacking in raw power but makes up for it

in strategy, tactics, quick-wittedness, and flexibility.
It means "understood!"
A simple treat and a simple reward. It might be delicious, but the true reward is the fun of making it with the person you love.
The concert was held at a newly-constructed multipurpose facility

in the Yokohama Bay Area named "Nouvelle Calédonie."

The formal name of the event was "Tsubasa Kazanari Solo live at 'roof of heaven'"

A special feature of the venue was the "hanging garden" style seating capable of accommodating 100,000 people, making it the highest-capacity venue in Japan.

Within the spectacle of the first and final "Flight Night," Kazanari Tsubasa made her return to Japan from her international debut with a special comeback concert dedicated to her domestic fans. With the theme of "gratitude," it aimed to convey a deeply emotional message.

According to materials distributed to relevant parties, the details of the event were as follows:

Ticket Price: 10,000 JPY (Tax Included)
Presented By: Office Ishidou
Endorsements: Metro Music, Tourism Office
Sponsored By: Haneyama Automobiles, Emperor Records, YFN Defense, Backstreet Riceboys

Planning: Cascade Industries
One of the songs originally intended to be sung at the music festival "QUEENS of MUSIC" in a special

duet between Tsubasa and Maria.

Due to interference by a terrorist organization, that never occurred.

It was chosen as a special opening surprise when Tsubasa and Maria reunited onstage at the "roof of heaven" concert.
Full name: Millaarc Cranstoun.

She hails from Styria, Austria. On a trip to Slovakia, she was kidnapped by an elite hunting club. At some point, she was sold off to a remote branch of the Bavarian Illuminati to be used in experiments.

One particular experiment entailed an attempt to use genetic manipulation to create monsters seen only in myth and legend. However, this experiment failed and she was unable become a true "vampire."

Despite this, she still hides herself in a bio-booster cloak known as a "chiroptera." This grants her the ability to fly as well as augment the strength of her arms and legs. If you look closely, she has a number of traits that reveal the original intention to create a vampire.

It is thought that her "Stained Glance" also has its origins in vampire legend.

Featured Songs

Mikansei Ai Mapputatsu!
Mijuku Shoujo Buttagiri!
Angelic Remnant


Episode 3


Penny Dreadful

The dread sealed away within your heart will soon turn to scorn.
You're used to being looked down upon, yet you do not lose your pride.
Before taking a life, you must first sacrifice your own.

Engraved on the light's shadow, the meaning of words is still "words."
Even were you to be reborn seven times, you retain the conviction to push forward.


A national research facility located in New Mexico, USA.

It serves as a research location for heretical technology, and was once home to the FIS.

It is here where Shul Shagana, Igalima, Airget-lamh and other relics were developed into Symphogears after being seized in war. This also includes Shenshoujing and one part of the Gungnir fragment, which were brought from Japan.

Publicly, it's seen as a leader in and source of cutting-edge technology, including the nuclear missile fired at Japan and the cloaking device known as ECHELON used during the Frontier Incident.

Many of America's greatest technologies have their roots here.
Just as the American president said, just as the American researcher said,

America was founded on the idea of freeing mankind from the age of mythology.

Although their ideals of resisting the paranormal are shared with S.O.N.G.,
they have come under fire from several nations for their heavy-handed methods.

Currently, relations with America are by no means favorable,

but there are hopes that they will improve.
Once one of the key features of the Symphogears, created from a fragment of the cursed sword Dáinsleif.

In the decisive battle with Adam Weishaupt, Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, it was incinerated when the light of the Lapis Philosophorum was introduced into the Gears. In addition to an instantaneous power boost, due to the loss of the intermediary (the Dáinsleif fragment) which allowed resonance between the Gears, the difficulty of achieving unison also increased dramatically.

The Symphogears' combat potential has been decreased by quite a large amount due to its loss.
An accessory found on the recovered corpse's right arm. It has a brilliant golden shine.

It was under examination at Los Alamos National Laboratory, however the corpse was accidentally destroyed and the vambrace was all that remained.

Brought to America by S.O.N.G., it was promptly stolen by Vanessa.

This occurred under the direction of the sentinel of the the sacred nation of Japan, Kazanari Fudou.
It means "understood!"
...doesn't it?
It's a very important law, you must not gloss over it with a "whatever."
Full name: Vanessa Diodati.

She hails from Stanley, Hong Kong, and is the daughter of the president of Hammer Films (her father is British of Indian descent).

Both of her parents were actually members of the Bavarian Illuminati,
and Vanessa had participated in the organization's activities and rituals from a young age.

Despite showing much potential even at such a young age,
she suffered a fatal wound from an accident while developing the Faust Robes.

Her injured body was augmented into a cyborg and she was just barely able to survive.
Unfortunately for her, this did not agree with alchemical ideals of "perfect life,"
and she was stripped of all her achievements and status in the organization.

After learning that it was her own parents who had made this decision,
she came to see herself of nothing more than worthless "scrap."

Her body is held together by a high-density energy field not unlike the one used to form the Symphogears and Faust Robes, but unlike those she is able to maintain it indefinitely.

On the other hand, her output isn't quite as high as that of the Faust Robes, and as such the technology was dismissed from becoming a formal outfit for alchemists.
Capable of turning the tables single-handedly, it's Noble Red's trump card. It's only possible to use it when Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa are all together.
The name of a division that does not exist within the Bavarian Illuminati.

It is the name Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa chose for themselves,

the deep crimson bond they proudly share in their fight against the world that scorned them.

Featured Songs

Take this! "All loaded"
Mijuku Shoujo Buttagiri!


Episode 4


And That Flower Is an Amalgam

Here in heaven and earth the time is ripe, as is the sweet forbidden fruit.
The starlight crosswind blows as vows are called upon here and now.
The mysterious melody carries with it the essence of fear, yet it feels familiar to you alone.

Blooming in the maze, the crimson stone shines with a will to continue the fight.
In the brief moment before you are trampled underfoot, the feelings you strike upon carry deep meaning.


A miracle drug christened with the name of the goddess of universal remedy.

In Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa's blood, it serves to link the human and the inhuman.

In a sense, you could say that the panacea formula is a sort of power source for monsters.

When they utilize their abilities, the panacea formula in their blood loses its purity and begins to stagnate, causing what should be a source of power to instead become a deadly poison.

In addition to regularly undergoing dialysis, whenever they use a large amount of power (such as in a battle with the Symphogears), they must replace nearly all of their blood.
Despite being feared as monsters, the fact that this makes Noble Red unreliable as weapons is undeniable.

Finally, the panacea formula requires the rare blood type "Rh-xxoyle," present in only 1 in 1.4 million people.

The difficulty in acquiring it is yet another reason why Noble Red's members are considered to be failures.
A mysterious barrier that functions to keep people away by diverting their consciousness, making something appear as if it does not exist.

It not only affects human consciousness, but also interferes with direct signals sent by machines.

One of the many secrets Germany kept during the war, it's possible that it made its way to Japan due to their alliance with Germany.
Based on the idea cemented over time in countless people that "monsters lurk within a labyrinth,"

comes the idea, "places where monsters lurk must be labyrinths."
By reversing causality and forming a philosophical armament, a dungeon can be created.

Only usable when Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa are all together and in peak form, it is Noble Red's most closely guarded secret.

They are able to construct and deconstruct conceptual boundaries A, B, and C (the roof, the floor, and the walls) at will, forming an inescapable labyrinth spanning over 380,000 kilometers that swallows their prey whole.

However, its use greatly exhausts the trio, and they are unable to maintain it for longer than ten minutes, allowing their prey to escape and exposing a simple yet fatal flaw.

In an attempt to compensate for this flaw, Noble Red (particularly Elsa) began to use the labyrinth as a confined space to compress energy into as a form of attack.
This technique is dubbed "Daedalus End."

At full power, the energy is explosive enough to destroy even the conceptual boundaries of the labyrinth.
This allows the trio to far surpass their normal combat potential for a single decisive blow.

In other words, Noble Red has no other attack more powerful than Daedalus End used at full power.
A decisive combat function incorporated into the Symphogears when they were rebuilt by the Lapis's crimson brilliance.

It comes from the structural similarities between the Symphogears and the Faust Robes that results in the mixing and fusion of their formation energies.

The name "Amalgam" was something created by Elfnein, meaning a sort of alchemical alloy or "fusion specimen."

Upon activation, it instantly releases the energy that composes the Symphogear and reforms it into a golden "cocoon," a first stage that gives the user a far more powerful barrier field (and that consumes far more energy) than normal.
Next, the energy is reformed into a high-output armed gear, reorganizing into into an "imago" that serves as a second stage.

Put simply, it causes an extreme disbalance between defensive and offensive parameters.
In the "cocoon" stage, defensive ability is greatly raised while attack power is greatly hampered.
In the "imago" stage, attack power is greatly raised while defensive power is greatly hampered.

As a result, the number of situations where this ability is useful is limited.
Despite its apparent lack of flexibility, for the Adapators who have been practicing and training with many of the Symphogear's special functions (starting with G3FA), it is seen not as a new restraint but is hoped to become a potential alternative to the power offered by the destroyed Ignite Module.

For a time after the initial rebuild, Amalgam's functionality had laid dormant, but has now abruptly awakened.
This is thought to be due to some sort of lock being released when the Symphogears suffered the attack known as Daedalus End.

The first to master this technique, Tachibana Hibiki, claimed it was due to her former rival-turned-friend guiding her through a state of murky consciousness, though there is no firm evidence to support her claims and they must therefore be dismissed as nothing more than a "cool story."


It's not very widely known, but in the medical field there's debate over the existence of a phenomenon known as "memory transfer," where an organ transplant patient receives a portion of the donor's memories along with the organ.

In the memoir of heart-and-lung transplant patient Claire Sylvia, "A Change of Heart," the author records her experiences of having not only her personality shift, but also having her tastes and preferences shift to match the donor.
In addition, after the surgery she began having dreams of a young boy who she had never seen before.

This time, as a case of Sympohgear-Faust Robe fusion, it's difficult to say that the similarities between this incident and Claire Sylvia's experience are anything more than superficial.

And yet.


It's worth noting again here that the Lapis Philosophorum, now fused with the Symphogears, uses a heart motif.

A long time has passed since the theory of the heart being central to one's character has been disproven, but for "perfect life" could it actually be true?

There isn't anyone who knows everything.

Featured Songs

Shirogane no Honoo -keep the faith-
Hanasaku Yuuki


Episode 5


What Was Hidden in the Bag

The words sealed away are finally and suddenly blurted out.
I couldn't reveal my feelings, nor myself.
I vent my frustration onto you, the one that will never understand.

How many mountains of bodies and rivers of blood must be created in order to protect the flame?
As clouds combine to plunge the road into shadow, death approaches even as you desperately attempt to escape.


Since its enactment, it has been widely referred to as the "disaster prevention law."

It is absolutely not referred to as the "Disaster-Prevention-Whatever Law," and nobody has ever called it that.

The largest goal of the law was to allow the rapid response to any paranormal emergencies that may occur.

A fair amount of force has been used in both its establishment and execution, causing it to become the target of much criticism by opposing parties.

The law allows for the mobilization of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces not only in the event of supernatural disasters (the Noise), but also any disasters caused by relics or heretical technology.
It was written so broad interpretations could be made to allow for flexible responses in the event of unforeseen disasters.

Its enforcement can be quite ruthless, allowing for a termination (and prompt retreat) order against a target without the need for debate, as was the case for the Symphogear Adaptor who was consumed by the divine power.
The law also allows control over supernatural disaster situations and entrusts the handling of recovered relics to the Kazanari Organization in the name of damage control. The contents can be seen as quite insidious.

As an aside, ten years have passed since his humiliating fall from power, and Kazanari Fudou's presence is growing back to a level similar to what it once was.

In other words, the Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law is the legal principle of the sentinels and the embodiment of Kazanari Fudou himself.
The detestable type that loves to wave their authority around.

They may seem quite troubling at first, but their power is not really their own.
As long as they don't go further than waving it around, they're really no more terrifying than normal men with guns.

"There's nothing to be afraid of, okay?"
A mega-structure known as the "World Destroyer" that was constructed by Carol during the Magical Girl Incident for the purpose dissecting the world.

At the end of a fierce battle, it collapsed above the former metropolitan government building and fell under the management of the Kazanari Organization.

However, due to the complex interaction of a number of heretical technologies, the situation must be handled very carefully and demolition of the structure has been proceeding slowly.

Its breathtaking presence rises to the heavens like a gravestone.
One of the technological legacies of the FIS recovered as evidence after the Frontier Incident.

Developed by a team led by Dr. Ver, this is a device that enables direct interference into the human brain.
Later, Elfnein used alchemy to convert it into an (in)complete device that allows the observation of the brain called an "electric field microscope."

The device is named after "Beatrice" from "The Divine Comedy" by Italian poet Dante.
Just as the protagonist (Dante himself) met her in hell, the observer must also enter and travel through a "dangerous world," the subject's virtual consciousness.
Another reason for the name is that the root of "Beatrice" (Viatrix) comes from the Latin "viare" which means "to travel."

As can be seen in the opening animation, Elfnein spends a significant portion of her own free time off-duty using the device.

Although Elfnein sees it as a very important and engaging activity, Hibiki does not understand this and judged it as "just work or something."
She once boasted that there was no place she couldn't infiltrate, as long as she had her glasses as a disguise.

A female inspector once feared and respected in many countries. In her retirement, she uses her connections and experience to lead a new life as an informant.

She lives in Katsuurashi, in Chiba, where she was raised. Katsuurashi is a place known for the color, spiciness, and above all else, taste, of their tan tan noodles.

When she met Genjuurou, she was at the time a novice (her resume notwithstanding) informant. When she met the novice Razor, they got along strangely well, challenging and overcoming many obstacles together.

She's known for her gentle demeanor and always having a smile on her face, but according to Genjuurou, when it comes to work she becomes harsh very quickly.
When she was active, her nickname was "The Smiling Bomb."

Even at her current age, she continues to torture herself by maintaining ties to the underworld, but frequently laughs it off by calling herself "unexploded ordnance."

Many works draw inspiration from her exploits, including an American drama that received worldwide critical acclaim and nine seasons.

But that's a story for another time.
Written and illustrated on Elfnein's mug. "Fried shrimp look like braided hair, it's really cute!"
As everyone knows, this is a famous song from the Showa era sung by Ozaki Kiyohiko and included in the GOLDEN☆BEST collection.

Its appeal has surpassed Showa, reaching into Heisei and now Reiwa, proving that its charm will never fade.

At first, Elfnein had stumbled upon the original song (discussed below) by chance and was fascinated and excited by Kiyohiko's performance.

If you have the musical skill that you can draw from your majestic sideburns, try singing one of the songs.
Even if you choose not to, try singing anything at all.

Believe in the song of your heart.

The original song was often sung by those who had been worn out by the defeat over the Japan-US security treaty, but was remade with completely different lyrics.

The original was "Hitori no Kanashimi" ("The Sorrow of Loneliness") by Zoo Nee Voo.

Although not recorded here, those lyrics also have deep meaning that is very similar to Elfnein's feelings when she thinks of a particular person who is very important to her.

Featured Songs

Mata Au Hi Made
Defender'Z Brand!


Episode 6



While walking along this road, at some point you lost the reason you began.
You cry out for help but receive no answer,
the sharp words that wound your pride seek to command you and leave you exposed.

Even when faced with the loss of their future, the resistance does not stop marching forward.
The forbidden song floats in the sky as it puts the stars to sleep with a kiss.


A general term referring to a mass of directionless multidimensional energy.

Not only does the energy have the entropy density required to create entire worlds, it also boasts a quality and volume befitting of a "God."

In addition to the previous case of being created from compressing life energy extracted from the Heavens, Earth, and Man, there are many other ways of purifying the energy.
In this instance, the energy was extracted directly by means of a complete relic.

Originally colorless and pure, its form vastly differs based on its intended use.

In the case of Yohualtepoztli, encountered by S.O.N.G. in the Republic of Val Verde, it was conceptualized through the visage of the widely-known South American deity.
This vengeful spirit was an unparalleled weapon, but it was able to be controlled as a "false god."

Presently, both Kazanari Fudou and Noble Red desire the divine power for their own purposes.

Noble Red plan to use the divine power to speed up the regeneration of their remaining "humanity," allowing them return to being "human."

This can also be seen as an attempt to replicate the incident where Relic Fusion Specimen #1, Tachibana Hibiki, instantaneously regenerated her left arm after it was swallowed by Nephilim.

What was stolen from them was their future as humans.

Recovering that is Noble Red's goal, and the divine power is a means to that end.
Stained glance.

An attempt at recreating an ancient power once thought to be held by vampires, just as the name suggests, it allows the user to forcibly interfere with others minds via a cursed gaze.

It's difficult to use on someone of disciplined will and requires taking advantage of the target's weaknesses or emotions, and so can't be considered a very effective weapon.

Unless, of course, it can be mastered.
In that case, it becomes a fearsome evil eye.

It can corrode the heart, impacting not only judgment but also self-esteem.
This in turn can increase the target's dependence on others, causing them to exhibit a number of effects similar to suggestion or hypnosis, such as forcing them to carry out a command.

Swallowed by the rage from having witnessed such a tragedy, Tsubasa allowed herself to fall victim to her opponent's gaze, causing a seal to be carved deep into her heart.

Said seal is exploitable not only by the one who placed it, but also third parties.
Using a trigger phrase, it is easy to seize control of her consciousness.

And now,

the one using that trigger is the heretic Kazanari Fudou himself.
Tachibana Hibiki's sunshine in the form of her best friend.

But more than that... She's also hypothesized to be a potential vessel for the divine power.

Despite being under the utmost protection level and she herself being unknowingly placed under close guard, that information was revealed when the headquarters was under investigation.

Although she was going to be silenced as part of the plot to kidnap Elfnein, she was saved at the last second by Fudou, who sought a vessel for the divine power.

She narrowly escaped death, being taken away along with Elfnein.

A "curse" that hinders humanity's ability to communicate and reach mutual understanding.

Sometimes referred to as "original sin."

In the distant past, the rulers of humanity, known as the "Anunnaki," remodeled Earth's moon into a device that emitted the Curse of Balal and blocked our shared language.

Ever since the loss of the Unified Language, humanity has suffered through numerous conflicts.

The curse should have been placed on all of humanity, however...

During the Frontier Incident, Hibiki and Miku were engulfed by the light of Shenshoujing, with its ability to purge all kinds of magic and evils.
It's hypothesized that they were also freed from the curse, but this is still under investigation.

Regardless of whether it's true, Tachibana Hibiki was able to evolve from a relic fusion specimen to a full-fledged Symphogear Harmonizer immediately after being freed from the curse.

This unexplainable event is thought to have some sort of driving influence behind it.
The keystone of the Autoscorer "Tiki."

Thanks to it, Tiki was able to observe the movements of the stars.

After the battle with Adam over the divine power, Tiki's remains were handled in accordance with the Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law and placed under examination on a floating research facility.

However, it was lost in an "accident."

Or so was thought.

Recently, the situation completely reversed when S.O.N.G. recovered it from a waste disposal facility that was being used as an enemy hideout.

The accident seemed to become more and more like some sort of plot, with the Kazanari Organization coming under suspicion as the leaders of the research team.

In actuality, Kazanari Fudou and Noble Red used the Antikythera Mechanism and the data from its examination, diverted through illegal channels, to perform a ritual to activate the Vambrace of Shem-Ha.

The Vambrace of Shem-Ha is a perfect, undamaged complete relic and its activation was expected to be just as troublesome as that of Solomon's Cane and Nehushtan's Armor.
In reality, the activation experiment was carried out so swiftly that even Vanessa herself was surprised.

Exactly how the activation differed from that of a normal phonic gain-based process is, as of now, unknown.

Even Finè, before settling on using the power of songs, phonic gain, pursued the method of using the leylines in the heavens.

In order to do that, she required Tiki, due to Tiki's ability to track the movements of the stars.
Four hundred years ago, this resulted in a clash between her and the Bavarian Illuminati.

In the end, Tiki was lost, and both parties were forced to spend time researching a new method of activating complete relics.
The Symphogear worn by Maria Cadenzavna Eve, as well as the name of the relic used in the Gear's converter unit.

Like Shul Shagana and Igalima, it was seized by Ameircan troops during the Iraq War.

In order to acquire the relics held by Iraq, the American government claimed them to be "weapons of mass destruction" and employed a number of strategies that ultimately resulted in the Iraq War.

After the war, the Americans relented that they didn't actually find any weapons of mass destruction.

However, that was merely a front to hide the fact that they had been able to acquire multiple relics.

But there's one small inconsistency.

Airget-lamh is originally a silver arm of Celtic mythology, completely unrelated to Iraq and the Middle East, unlike Shul Shagana and Igalima.

In reality, "Airget-lamh" was named as such out of convenience due to its shape and color because the FIS was unable to identify the relic's true identity.

Although this information has long been hidden, bits of information were released by Vanessa after she attacked Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the FIS was located.

The true identity of Airget-lamh is still unknown.

For Maria, it's the silver flame left to her by her deceased younger sister, a ray of light that lives in this moment.

Featured Songs

Take this! "All loaded"


Episode 7


Sever the Tangled Threads

If that which was sworn to be slain is put to words,
erase them by plucking the strings from beyond zeros and ones.
Discarded as unnecessary and unworthy, echoes of memories once lost linger here.

Reflect upon those words that should never have been exchanged.
Everything is entrusted to you, to your fist, more gentle than any other.


The autoscorers confirmed to be part of the Magical Girl Incident were "Micha," "Leiur," "Phara," and "Garie."

Those four protected their master, Carol, and were made to record songs, similar to sheet music.

The process of their creation was full of trial-and-error, resulting in an area of the Château de Tiffauges being dedicated to rejected bodies to be used as spare parts should the need arise.

A large amount of energy was required for the divine power to fully materialize, and Noble Red attempted to use "Carol's body" to bypass the security and reactivate the rejected bodies.
They were successful in linking into the autoscorer's energy source, their "memories."


Noble Red's mistake was that one small existence, recognized to be their former master, did not want to die, did not want to give up on living.

The numerous incomplete Michas, Leiurs, Pharas, and Garies were able to travel against the current and recombine into relatively undamaged basic forms.
Despite their instability, they were able to once again reclaim their former figures.

It was not some sort of miracle, they were simply knights rushing to answer their master's call.

One could say they had more heart than even a human.

Their power was not what it once was, but they fulfilled their master's orders without hesitation or dissatisfaction.
The demolition of Château de Tiffauges began with the installation of a large power generator, lighting, elevators, and finally heavy machinery.

This was merely a front to construct a large-scale secret hideout in the heart of the city.
Under the disaster prevention law, management of the facility was entrusted to the Kazanari Organization.

With great efforts, they were not only able to establish a ritual altar to house the vessel of the divine power and a generator to extract energy from the rejected bodies, but also establish Noble Red as the occupants of the Château.
The divine power hidden within the Vambrace of Shem-Ha overflowed due to its immense volume exceeding initial simulations.

This resulted in a temporary purge of the energy outside of the Château, where it gathered.
Plans were amended to allow the divine power time to materialize and fill the girl serving as its vessel.

The giant mass of energy "located" at the highest point of Château de Tiffauges does not move with any clear will of its own.
Instead, it merely defends itself from approaching helicopters and Adaptors while attempting to invade its chosen "vessel" like a hermit crab searching for a shell.

Its "reactions" seem limited to mere instincts and impulses.
The reason she was allowed to survive was because she could serve as a vessel for the divine power.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the divine power has not yet completely filled her.

A small hope that she may yet be able to be saved.

A nursery song that was the only thing Maria's ancestors were able to carry with them when they were driven from their homes due to an accident at a power plant.

For Maria and Serena, it's a song of irreplaceable memories, which, in the Frontier Incident, became a miracle when it was used to focus phonic gain.

When the dissonance heard when the Vambrace of Shem-Ha activated and the divine power materialized is morphed via a linguistic evolution model taking into account time and propagation distance, a melody resembling that of Apple is able to be discerned.

The true meaning of that information is not yet clear.
One of the hidden weapons Vanessa was equipped with.

Due to high-frequency emitters in both of her arms, her hands are able to vibrate at intense speeds, capable of severing even the intermolecular bonds of her target.

Despite the fact that it may be considered excessive to dispose of Elfnein, Venessa flung it at her with the intent of testing the functionality of her new right arm.

Swinging one's arm down in such a manner certainly is simply using it as a sword.

Featured Songs

Mikansei Ai Mapputatsu!
Sforzando no Zankyou


Episode 8



As perfection nears completion, the imperfect are close in pursuit.
Public and private. A deeper plan hidden beyond even those.
In spite of this, you face the wall separating you from the Future, although you will never reach it.

What do you believe in, what is your choice? Unable to comprehend the truth,
you have no idea how to proceed as they fade away— the rainbow of someday, the memories of flowers.


In order to operate the tremendously damaged and deactivated Château de Tiffauges, the adaptors attempted to restart it via phonic gain.

Completely incomparable to previous excitations involving the Staff of Solomon and Armor of Nehushtan,
they had anticipated the difficulty of activating the composition of numerous relics that was the Château de Tiffauges,
and projected that a synergistic explosion of climax song could achieve a forcible breakthrough of phonic gain ―

but in the end, their efforts ended in failure.
The mastermind behind the Magical Girl Incident.

In order to carry out analysis via alchemical means, she had once attempted to dissect the world.

After a fierce battle with S.O.N.G., she turned over her body to the dying Elfnein, and was thought to have disappeared.


The faintest traces of the electrical signals left inside her head ―

fragments of memories were gathered together, and via copy-paste, the strengthening of a patchwork outline led to the formation of a psuedo-personality.

From the actualization of that consciousness onto the surface came the resurrection of Carol Malus Dienheim at the eleventh hour.

This was not the resurrection of a soul, but merely the calculated execution of Carol's personality within the brain ― even down to its irrational components such as emotion, one could consider it the activation of an independent AI.

The method by which this psuedo-personality was completed, was via Elfnein's practical application of the direct feedback system to observe her mental landscape. Gathering up the original electrical signals that should have been buried within her mind, the process of activation began.

"Points" of light formed a signal that were eventually linked into a "line", and that Carol which had been formed from those fragments, had before anyone noticed it been drawn into a "surface", and little by little started assembling itself.

Thought no more than a vague and unclear existence that would not fill even 21 grams, alchemy is at its core, decomposition and analysis ―

And from it, the reconstruction which brought into existence a systematic process, the autonomous and clearly formed Carol.

In the present situation with two personalities inhabiting one body, the primary personality has been established as Elfnein, but depending on the situation a state in which the personalities can switch may arise.

Furthermore, as necessary, simultaneous operation of the Elfnein and Carol personalities can yield accelerated processing, enabling the construction of extremely complex formulas and techniques. (Of course, a cost must be paid for it.)

Lastly, it is only when the Carol personality is operating externally that the Faust Robe Dur da Blá can be equipped.
A favorite phrase of Kazanari Fudou.

The original meaning is "fool" or "idiot", but it is not necessarily used only in those circumstances, and can be be used simply to add nuance to abuse heaped upon others.

Consider the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson,

who surpasses both work and role to let off an extended stream of F-bombs.
The greatest, most powerful technique of a Symphogear adaptor - an "absolute invocation."

A song creates an explosive increase in phonic gain suitable for decisive battles,

but in exchange, even the reinforced body clad in a Symphogear receives unbearable backfire - putting life at risk.

The only thing that can reduce the stress of the superb song is increases in link coefficient via training or injections.

If used with a low link coefficient, the expected result would be in cellular rupture and tissue necrosis throughout the entire body.

It can be used directly to release phonic gain, or to strengthen the Symphogear (Armed Gear) and the like,

but the strategy proposed by Carol involved channeling it towards the activation of a massive-scale composite-type relic.
An ace card installed within the Symphogear system.

In addition to flight capability, in order to greatly boost the total output, tactics and gear become usable in a way differing from the usual, but ―

As its activation requires an enormous amount of phonic gain, in each of the three past instances of its usage, it came about as the miraculous result of situation and circumstance.

Knowing that starting X-Drive would be an enormous strain on her, Carol reserved it as her last trump card in the Kohinata Miku recovery operation,

but due to the failure of the reactivation of the Château de Tiffauges, she was compelled to activate it in order to overcome various obstacles.

Her aim was from the beginning, having adjusted and released phonic gain for the purpose of starting X-Drive, to forcibly release system operating limits and create a last chance at victory.

The time brought for the counterattack was very small,

and yet -- enough to bring the god-slaying fist back to the front lines.

Featured Songs

Sforzando no Zankyou


Episode 9


I Am a Father

You know it's too late to be yourself anymore,
but you do not run away from yourself, therefore you will not be deceived by anyone.
You thought you would always be together, simply thinking only of your bonds.

You yet stand far from the mountain of corpses. The sentinel, ultimately human, wishes you fortune.
A wind of blood surges past the spot at which you have arrived, as numerous farewells are said.


Kazanari Fudou had attempted to tame the newly revived Shem-Ha into an instrument of the national defense, but

as one might have expected, that was not possible.

What was carried out in attempt of that plan was not control over the god itself, but control over a girl who would serve as the vessel for that god.

In a massive server room beneath the Kazanari Estate, control over the mind of Kohinata Miku was gradually being established.

The completion of that process should have led to the the birth of

a new divine weapon ― the next generation in deterrence.
To ursurp the power of the gods,

and as a countermeasure against the god slayer, Kazanari Fudou set out to utilize to use his own successor, Tsubasa.

In order to have his commands carried out, he would activate the seal that had been placed on her.

However, at the time that he attempted to use it, the applier of the seal, Millaarc, was gasping on the edge of death, and the strength of the seal began to waver.

And so, the details of what had been whispered to her and what she had done came back to Tsubasa,

becoming yet another wound that trampled on her pride as a sentinel.
... already, everything ― the rainbow of someday, and the memory of flowers ― has passed away.
Occupying the divine vessel Kohinata Miku,

one of the Anunnaki, resurrected in a tremendous burst of energy.

After death, her corpse was stored in a device that repelled all who drew near via a self-defense system,
and sealed deep beneath the ice of the polar cap.

Based on that, the revival of Shem-Ha from her resting place in prehistory
should be something that should be stopped by any means necessary.

Her full name is Shem ha-Mephorash.

The meaning of the name later came to include that of a "word of power" that could be used to activate golems,

and was was said to refer to the characteristic of Shem-Ha that was "power itself".
In the past, the Symphogear Shenshoujing had been developed by F.I.S.,

as a hybrid of the the heretical arts of Finè (the Symphogear System)
and the cutting-edge technology of Dr. Ver (the Direct Feedback System).

When Vanessa assaulted the laboratory at Los Alamos,
she stole not only the Vambrace of Shem-Ha, but also materials relating to the Shenshoujing and its Symphogear.

With them, she was able to construct a Faust Robe.

The robe contained many of the same functionalities as the gear,
but here, the primary purpose was not to be worn for combat,

but rather, designed from the start with the primary purpose of restraining a god.
A pistol designed by the German arms manufacturer Mauser.

Cheap and easy to handle, it was used widely in China during World War II.

The Mauser C96 that fell into Fudou's hands was one of the many seized during the war, despite it being wholly unbefitting of such a great person so concerned with the sacred nation of Japan.

Fudou decided to eliminate Tsubasa, who is freed from the spell.

However, instead of relying on the physical strength of a Sentinel or Murakumo, the Self-Sacrificial Blade, he executes his will using the Mauser C96 drawn from his sleeve.

He aims his dismay and disappointment towards her, along with the barrel of his gun.

It is a symbolic gesture to show that he considers Tsubasa, a failure who cried like a little girl in the midst of battle, unworthy of being dispatched using the sacred treasure of Japan.

Featured Songs

Defender'Z Brand!


Episode 10


They Are No Filthy Rustlings

Despite countless stones being cast against you, you still have a future to pursue.
But in the end, your struggles only lead to a permanent and undeniable fate.
The kindness you knew causes your despair to ring through the stairway to heaven.

Far above and far away, you look upwards to the refuge where you should have been standing.
The deed committed is no evil, but simply the despair brought upon you by some illogical force.


The crimson bond that was forged in the face of rejection by all,

taunted by means of Shem-Ha's inhumanly brutal violence.

A forced amplification of physical strength and mental weakness.

Distortion not bound by the frame of a human,
Noble Red, completely rewritten as monsters,

had been regenerated, remodeled, and completed into the shape of sins which could never be forgiven.
A massive structure that destroyed the Kazanari Estate as it expanded.

It bears the name of the tree that supports the world,
but its functions and true nature are unknown.

What started its operation was the successful fusion of the Kazanari server room that sprawled beneath the Kazanari Estate.

From the fact that the Lunar Ruins began signalling as in response to the rising of the tower,

it is theorized that they have some relation.

Featured Songs

Shirogane no Honoo -keep the faith-
Mijuku Shoujo Buttagiri!
Cutting Edge×2 Ready go!


Episode 11


In the Beginning was the Word

The sparks born from clashing blades illuminate a desolate, distant world.
You refuse a forfeit future, placing a hasty gambit on a far-fetched dream.
One must be willing to sacrifice everything to take a single step.

The fragment you once brandished may be lost, but you two are still bound by a song.
As a flame once again blazes in your eyes, flap your wings and scorch the heavens.


Having been deeply involved in the evolution and extinctions of life on earth,

she became known as the "remodeling surgeon" for her achievements and skills.

Having become a variety of programming language, Shem-Ha was capable of infiltrating any system.
Even if you had more data than you could contain personally,
if you can coordinate with one another,
it is possible to achieve "regeneration", "proliferation", and eventually "evolution."

Having already contaminated the brainwave network established via the use of the living computational terminals,
and it being impossible to purge her entirely per the above,

Shem-Ha's rebellion was a planetary-scale "unique disaster" that could only be handled via division and sealing.
From the remnants of Enki's will, it was revealed that Yggdrasil's true form was that of a "planetary environmental remodeling device."

The Anunnaki chose the earth as a vast experimental facility,
for creating life, stimulating evolution, applying remodels, and, in the event that it was necessary, effecting its disposal.

The Anunnaki, attacking the impasse that had frozen development like seeds,
attempted to break through the future that had been closed,
and constructed the Yggdrasil System in order to learn the final form of life.

Far from being the single column rising from the ruins of the Kazanari estate at Kamakura,
the Yggdrasil System is currently being established by Shem-Ha all around the world.

With the Symphogears away, the structure of the world was being redesigned.
An Anunnaki involved in the origin of human life.

With the teaching of knowledge to humanity as was recorded in mythology,
humans were made into humans, and impelled into breaking away from the course followed by other living creatures.

Enki was also charged with the tasks of security and defense,
standing at the vanguard against the rebellion induced by Shem-Ha, and fought there to the bitter end.

Against Shem-Ha, who was able to resurrect herself countless times, Enki resolved to scatter humanity via use of the Network Jammer Balal.

This was the division of humanity by the Anunnaki.
It also meant the separation from a single human who had always nestled close to him.

Even so, Enki chose to execute his plan.
Without it, the life and dignity of those who had been granted "individuality" like themselves at the end of evolution,
would have no protection from the menace of Shem-Ha.

Without having time to fully grasp the situation,
the emergency task force led by Enki was reduced to a single individual before Shem-Ha was finally subjugated.
However, the grievous wounds he suffered at the time meant that the end of his own life was not far away.

His dying thoughts were that of a single human who had become a special existence to him.

Without having been told anything, having even the words to speak stolen away from you, must have been truly sorrowful.

I don't want to see that face.
I want to return and communicate the truth.
If I have to die, I don't want it to be in the reaches of this wasteland――

And yet, even so.

Before Shem-Ha could accomplish her next resurrection.

Before the last of his life ran out.

The final mission to activate the Network Jammer Balal blazed within Enki's chest.
Humanity itself.

"The brain of a human is wider and deeper than the whole cosmos."
As James theorized in 1987, factoring in its unused areas yields a structure demonstrating ultra-high processing power.

Only by connecting the brains of all humanity in parallel via the use of brainwaves,
was it possible to bring the planetary environmental remodeling system device Yggdrasil System into the full drive.

In order to bring that about, Shem-Ha attempted to destroy the Lunar Ruins and lift the Curse of Balal, and reconstruct the network made of all humanity.

Or rather, such was theorized by Enki's remnant.


Shem-Ha who had been resurrected into the modern era, while incapable of bring the system to full capacity,
began modifying the planetary environment using Yggdrasil without first lifting the Curse of Balal.

And so, the dreadful scheme to rewrite all life into monsters advanced despite all expectations.

Featured Songs

Shirogane no Honoo -keep the faith-
Fushichou no Flamme


Episode 12


Climax Song of the Valkyries

Your outstretched hand trembles as you gaze upon the faint hope adorning the sky.
Fall to your knees as you sob over the agony of death.
All you who know the warmth of home can do is offer a final arrow, tipped by a retort.

It may yet be possible to overturn a final curse deemed irreversible.
Fragments of hope adorning them, the efforts of those who oppose the Lord converge.


From its original narrow definition as the refinement of base into precious metals,

and further encouraged by the translation of the English word "alchemy" into Japanese as
"renkinjutsu", literally "gold-refining art," it has often been thought as the art of transmutation into gold.

Broadly defined, though
it is the quest for perfection, the aim to reach that which is perfect.

That is to say――the true meaning of alchemy is that of a technical system that reaches the level of gods.

In truth, the alchemy of Carol, who once attempted to understand all things via dissecting all creation,

reached the point where it was all but able to strike down a god.
Up until now, whatever the circumstance,

with the utilization of an external source of phonic gain,
X-Drive had only ever taken the form of a miracle that was only ever barely achieved.

However, having been cast into the boundary between sky and space, in an exosphere without any phonic gain,
the adaptors saw spread beneath them only an endless field of crimson despair.

It was more than enough to break the heart.

But even so.

Humanity did not yield before the supernatural, but struggled to live with all of its strength.

To keep those ever-so-slight embers of hope from fading out, without lowering its gaze, it resisted.

Humans are not weak creatures.

And so, they were able to believe in their own strength――the song in your heart.

At the roof of the world freed from the Curse of Balal,
without relying on anyone's phonic gain but their own,
the adaptors explosively detonated their phonic gain with their Climax Song.

Meteoroid ―― falling, burning, disappearing, and then...

A new final form, Burning X-Drive, was born.
A country whose founding principles were a declaration of independence by humanity,

and liberation from an era filled with that mystery exceeding the comprehension of man.

To bring an end to the era of the gods,

three things were laid out: Gungnir, Alchemy, and Deicide.

Featured Songs

Sforzando no Zankyou
Take this! "All loaded"


Episode 13


Create a History With the Light God Could Not Know

The Lord lies to rest, satisfied with the cures and curses bereft from the world.
Even if it is not brought to fruition, one last miracle will grip mankind tightly and dazzle the Earth.
My armed gear lies in the hands that hold us together.

It is impossible to understand one another. That is precisely why we so strongly wish to do so.
That frustration will bring us to tears again and again, but that's key to what makes us human.


Featured Songs

Xtreme Vibes
Ashita e no Flugel