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AXZ Episode 1[1][2]

An improved version of the Noise created by Alchemy for the purposes of dissecting and analyzing the world. The recipe to create them has long been passed down through the Bavarian Illuminati. Ever since the Magical Girl Incident, it has ceased to be necessary to keep them a secret and thus the Alca-Noise have been appearing on more and more battlefields around the world. It is possible for non-Alchemists to control and summon them, thanks to a small staff that acts like Solomon's Cane.

It is possible for them to disintegrate any and all objects and they can be tuned to dissolve the composition of any specific target object. Anything that is disintegrated has its organic and inorganic matter reduced to red dust. This once included the Symphogear.

When compared to the original Noise they are slightly inferior defensively because their lack of a phase contrast barrier means they cannot adjust their attenuation with our world. This is because the energy used to create the phase contrast barrier is instead focused on their glowing "dissection point," which disintegrates anything it touches. However, this doesn't change the fact that they are still an immense threat to humanity.