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Season One Keyword[1][2]

The Symphogear System created from a fragment of the 3rd relic, Gungnir.

Previously worn by Amou Kanade, it has been passed down to Tachibana Hibiki.

Normally, when a Symphogear is disengaged by the user, the energy levels will stabilize and it will reconfigure into a form resembling a pendant. However...

At the time of the concert tragedy, fragments of the Gear were embedded into the area near Hibiki’s heart.
There they remained, eventually fusing with her body.

As a result of assuming the duties of an Adaptor and repeatedly engaging the System,
the fusion continues to spread like a cancer, altering Hibiki's body.

It is believed that Hibiki's signature explosive power, resilience, and accelerated recovery rate are all likely due to her fusion with Gungnir.

G Episode 0[3][4]

The third relic, which provides the base of the "Gungnir" Symphogear worn by Tachibana Hibiki.

The Gear was made from a fragment of a mighty spear, which in Norse mythology was wielded by the god Odin.