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GX Episode 1[1] & AXZ Episode 1[2][3] & XV Episode 0[4]

An abbreviation of "Squad of Nexus Guardians."

Once a secret branch of the Japanese Government known as the "2nd Division of the Special Disaster Response Force,"
it is now under the direct command of the United Nations.
The organization has been reformed into an anti-disaster task-force that deals in supernatural and paranormal incidents.
In accordance with this, the Japanese Security Council drafted a new set of protocols that allow the group to act overseas.

On the surface the reason for the creation of this task-force was in order to deal with large-scale disasters that were the result of relics or other paranormal phenomena.
However, behind the scenes, the decision was coordinated by each country in an effort to keep watch over the black arts technology owned by the Japanese Government.

The Tactical Commander, Kazanari Genjuurou, along with the majority of the members from the 2nd Division were moved and appointed as members of the task-force.
As a result, it remains a specialized and highly-skilled organization.