Faust Robe

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GX Episode 6[1][2]

Utilizing the energy converted from sacrist fragments, the Faust Robe is a protector created through alchemy techniques. From this description, one may say it is an object that is incredibly similar to the Symphogear. However, there is a significant difference. A song (chant) is not necessary to activate it. In Carol’s case it normally took the form of a harp, the same as one talked of in legend, however when she plucked the strings the harp changed form and adorned to her body. The sound produced by the strings not only amplified Carol’s alchemic powers, but also proved incredibly flexible and useful in battle. A swing of the strings created an intense slashing attack capable of bisecting objects, and demonstrated various capabilities in battle by changing its form. It exhibited a combat potential that did not lose out even when faced against multiple Adaptors.