Lapis Philosophorum

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AXZ Episode 4[1][2]

One of the secrets of Alchemy.
A brilliant red gem also known as the "Philosopher's Stone."

Since ancient times it has been the peak of their craft that Alchemists have constantly sought to achieve.
However it is also a starting point for further advancement.

Similar to a sacrist, it can become the source of a large amount of energy.
However it cannot be classified as a sacrist, as it is a modern achievement of the Alchemists that represents their newly obtained knowledge.

AXZ Episode 5

Not only can it be used to enable the transmutation of objects, but it has also been said to act as a cure-all for any illness or impurity.

In fact it has demonstrated the ability to not only forcibly shut down Dáinsleif, the core of the Ignite Module, and reset the Symphogear to its normal state, but also take the feedback of that process and deal it as damage directly to the Adaptors. It could be said that it is the most effective counter, completely ripping out the fangs of the Ignite Module.

The Lapis Philosophorum is the magnum opus of alchemy spoken of since ancient times, and its legend was spread to Greece and Egypt during the Hellenistic period by Augurello who wrote "Chrysopoeia." Within in, he described it as "one the all."

This phrase was later used by Xenophanes to describe God in a manner similar to Pantheism. Indeed, it is the "Perfection" that the alchemists have long sought after.

Currently, there are 3 Lapis that have been reborn as Faust Robes which give overwhelming strength and a pure radiance to Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati.