Ignite Module

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AXZ Episode 3[1][2]

A combat booster that was developed after the analysis of the "berserk" mechanism that was only previously observed in a very rare case of human/relic fusion.

It was added into the Symphogear system after it suffered damaged from the Alca-Noise. The mechanism that triggers it utilizes a fragment of the cursed sword Dáinsleif.

The command word necessary to activate it is "Unsheathe."

The Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. Because the threats that accompany the berserk form are still present, the module is furnished with 3 different levels of safeties to ensure that the Adaptor will not lose their mind when using it.

Each time a safety is released, the berserk energy is more purely focused into the user’s combat potential. However there is a time limit attached (a count of 999), that starts from when the first stage of Unsheathe (Nigredo) is activated. From there if the user proceeds to the second grade (Albedo) or beyond (Rubedo), the energy gets used up at an even faster rate and upon use will naturally exhaust the count faster.

When the count becomes 0 the system will forcibly cancel the Symphogear, even if the user is in the middle of a battle, and therefore depending on the circumstances may expose the Adaptor to even further danger.

XV Episode 3[3]

Once one of the key features of the Symphogears, created from a fragment of the cursed sword Dáinsleif.

In the decisive battle with Adam Weishaupt, Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, it was incinerated when the light of the Lapis Philosophorum was introduced into the Gears. In addition to an instantaneous power boost, due to the loss of the intermediary (the Dáinsleif fragment) which allowed resonance between the Gears, the difficulty of achieving unison also increased dramatically.

The Symphogears' combat potential has been decreased by quite a large amount due to its loss.