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XV Episode 11[1]

An Anunnaki involved in the origin of human life.

With the teaching of knowledge to humanity as was recorded in mythology,
humans were made into humans, and impelled into breaking away from the course followed by other living creatures.

Enki was also charged with the tasks of security and defense,
standing at the vanguard against the rebellion induced by Shem-Ha, and fought there to the bitter end.

Against Shem-Ha, who was able to resurrect herself countless times, Enki resolved to scatter humanity via use of the Network Jammer Balal.

This was the division of humanity by the Anunnaki.
It also meant the separation from a single human who had always nestled close to him.

Even so, Enki chose to execute his plan.
Without it, the life and dignity of those who had been granted "individuality" like themselves at the end of evolution,
would have no protection from the menace of Shem-Ha.

Without having time to fully grasp the situation,
the emergency task force led by Enki was reduced to a single individual before Shem-Ha was finally subjugated.
However, the grievous wounds he suffered at the time meant that the end of his own life was not far away.

His dying thoughts were that of a single human who had become a special existence to him.

Without having been told anything, having even the words to speak stolen away from you, must have been truly sorrowful.

I don't want to see that face.
I want to return and communicate the truth.
If I have to die, I don't want it to be in the reaches of this wasteland――

And yet, even so.

Before Shem-Ha could accomplish her next resurrection.

Before the last of his life ran out.

The final mission to activate the Network Jammer Balal blazed within Enki's chest.