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XV Episode 9[1]

Occupying the divine vessel Kohinata Miku,
one of the Anunnaki, resurrected in a tremendous burst of energy.

After death, her corpse was stored in a device that repelled all who drew near via a self-defense system,
and sealed deep beneath the ice of the polar cap.

Based on that, the revival of Shem-Ha from her resting place in prehistory
should be something that should be stopped by any means necessary.

Her full name is Shem ha-Mephorash.

The meaning of the name later came to include that of a "word of power" that could be used to activate golems,
and was was said to refer to the characteristic of Shem-Ha that was "power itself".

XV Episode 10


XV Episode 11

Having been deeply involved in the evolution and extinctions of life on earth,
she became known as the "remodeling surgeon" for her achievements and skills.

Having become a variety of programming language, Shem-Ha was capable of infiltrating any system.
Even if you had more data than you could contain personally,
if you can coordinate with one another,
it is possible to achieve "regeneration", "proliferation", and eventually "evolution."

Having already contaminated the brainwave network established via the use of the living computational terminals,
and it being impossible to purge her entirely per the above,
Shem-Ha's rebellion was a planetary-scale "unique disaster" that could only be handled via division and sealing.