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AXZ Episode 13[1][2]

Although the primary cause is unclear, a fraction of the 301,655,722 locks upon the Symphogear system
are occasionally rearranged and result in changes to the gears that are attuned to the adaptor's skills, thoughts and battle styles.

In the final episode of AXZ the Rebuild gears had a power output that was equal to that of the X-Drive form,
but it only lasted for a short time until Dáinsleif was completely incinerated.

The intense aura that encompassed the gears was the energy of Dáinsleif itself as it slowly faded away in real time.
When that aura disappeared, it signaled the loss of one signature function of the system, the "Ignite Module."

XV Episode 1[3]

The Symphogear System has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it.
Depending on the Adaptor's level of skill and personal battle style,
there is a systematic progression of phases that they go through to release the locks.

In the decisive battle against the Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt,
the current iteration of the Symphogears, rebuilt by the red gleam of the Lapis Philosophorum,
were contaminated by a foreign element outside of their original design specifications.
This is assumed to be the inclusion of the Faust Robea's special characteristics.

Examinations and trials showed no immediate problems,
and despite the continued caution regarding anomalies,
circumstances forced the Adaptors back into normal activity.
S.O.N.G. continues to collect data while the Adaptors continue combat, observing any changes that may have occurred.