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XV Episode 8[1]

An ace card installed within the Symphogear system.

In addition to flight capability, in order to greatly boost the total output, tactics and gear become usable in a way differing from the usual, but ―

As its activation requires an enormous amount of phonic gain, in each of the three past instances of its usage, it came about as the miraculous result of situation and circumstance.

Knowing that starting X-Drive would be an enormous strain on her, Carol reserved it as her last trump card in the Kohinata Miku recovery operation,

but due to the failure of the reactivation of the Château de Tiffauges, she was compelled to activate it in order to overcome various obstacles.

Her aim was from the beginning, having adjusted and released phonic gain for the purpose of starting X-Drive, to forcibly release system operating limits and create a last chance at victory.

The time brought for the counterattack was very small, and yet -- enough to bring the god-slaying fist back to the front lines.

XV Episode 12

Up until now, whatever the circumstance,
with the utilization of an external source of phonic gain,
X-Drive had only ever taken the form of a miracle that was only ever barely achieved.

However, having been cast into the boundary between sky and space, in an exosphere without any phonic gain,
the adaptors saw spread beneath them only an endless field of crimson despair.

It was more than enough to break the heart.

But even so.

Humanity did not yield before the supernatural, but struggled to live with all of its strength.

To keep those ever-so-slight embers of hope from fading out, without lowering its gaze, it resisted.

Humans are not weak creatures.

And so, they were able to believe in their own strength――the song in your heart.

At the roof of the world freed from the Curse of Balal,
without relying on anyone's phonic gain but their own,
the adaptors explosively detonated their phonic gain with their Climax Song.

Meteoroid ―― falling, burning, disappearing, and then...

A new final form, Burning X-Drive, was born.