Carol Malus Dienheim

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Carol Malus Dienheim
Carol Malus Dienheim.png
Character Information
Age Unknown
Relatives Isaac Malus Dienheim
Relic Dur da Blá
Franchise Information
Voice Actor Minase Inori
First Appearance Symphogear GX, Episode 1



XV Episode 8[1]

The mastermind behind the Magical Girl Incident.

In order to carry out analysis via alchemical means, she had once attempted to dissect the world.

After a fierce battle with S.O.N.G., she turned over her body to the dying Elfnein, and was thought to have disappeared.


The faintest traces of the electrical signals left inside her head ―

fragments of memories were gathered together, and via copy-paste, the strengthening of a patchwork outline led to the formation of a psuedo-personality.

From the actualization of that consciousness onto the surface came the resurrection of Carol Malus Dienheim at the eleventh hour.

This was not the resurrection of a soul, but merely the calculated execution of Carol's personality within the brain ― even down to its irrational components such as emotion, one could consider it the activation of an independent AI.

The method by which this psuedo-personality was completed, was via Elfnein's practical application of the direct feedback system to observe her mental landscape. Gathering up the original electrical signals that should have been buried within her mind, the process of activation began.

"Points" of light formed a signal that were eventually linked into a "line", and that Carol which had been formed from those fragments, had before anyone noticed it been drawn into a "surface", and little by little started assembling itself.

Thought no more than a vague and unclear existence that would not fill even 21 grams, alchemy is at its core, decomposition and analysis ―

And from it, the reconstruction which brought into existence a systematic process, the autonomous and clearly formed Carol.

In the present situation with two personalities inhabiting one body, the primary personality has been established as Elfnein, but depending on the situation a state in which the personalities can switch may arise.

Furthermore, as necessary, simultaneous operation of the Elfnein and Carol personalities can yield accelerated processing, enabling the construction of extremely complex formulas and techniques. (Of course, a cost must be paid for it.)

Lastly, it is only when the Carol personality is operating externally that the Faust Robe Dur da Blá can be equipped.