The Republic of Val Verde

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AXZ Episode 1[1][2]

A small country in South America run by a military regime. It is always in a state of political instability and despite being a small country, has frequently been faced with large crises and threats. The current dictatorship has been in control for a long time, forcing their citizens to live under harsh conditions. Skirmishes with rebel groups have sporadically been repeated over the years without much change. However, when it became proven that the military was using Alca-Noise the United Nations decided upon an armed intervention. As a result, S.O.N.G. was mobilized.

The moral and combat skill of Val Verde's troops are incredibly low when compared to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and are more like "immature soldiers" that are often described in fiction. This gang of delinquents has no regard for rules nor any sort of respect for orders or the chain of command. They were not considered dangerous until they were supplied with heretical technology which instantly promoted them to a major threat in the eyes of the rest of the world.