Faust Robe of Shenshoujing

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XV Episode 9[1]

In the past, the Symphogear Shenshoujing had been developed by F.I.S.,
as a hybrid of the the heretical arts of Finè (the Symphogear System)
and the cutting-edge technology of Dr. Ver (the Direct Feedback System).

When Vanessa assaulted the laboratory at Los Alamos,
she stole not only the Vambrace of Shem-Ha, but also materials relating to the Shenshoujing and its Symphogear.

With them, she was able to construct a Faust Robe.

The robe contained many of the same functionalities as the gear,
but here, the primary purpose was not to be worn for combat,
but rather, designed from the start with the primary purpose of restraining a god.