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GX Episode 10[1][2]

In order to save face for the organizations and individuals involved, the truth of the Frontier Incident was swept entirely under the rug.

As a fundamental part of those events, John Wayne Vercingétorix (aka Dr. Ver) was not given a trial in a court of law,
but rather locked away in the Dragon Shrine in the abyss under the pretense that he wasn’t human,
but rather a part of the dangerous complete relic known as the "Nephilim."

His left arm and the power of the Nephilim that resides inside of it, remain perfectly functional.
It still retains the ability to consume, assimilate, and control other relics.

However, there is a sharp downside to that incredible ability in that it has absolutely no effect on any power or device that is not derived from a relic at its source.
For this reason, Dr. Ver's isolated cell was constructed almost exactly the same as those in a common prison.

AXZ Episode 6[3][4]

Full name: John Wayne Vercingétorix.

The developer of LiNKER, a drug which connects the human body and relics (Symphogears). Now deceased.
A participant in both the Frontier Incident and the Magical Girl Incident, he exists as a stubborn memory within Maria's consciousness.

Perhaps due to a weak bone structure in his body, he often fell down.

He caused numerous problems for the Symphogear Adaptors as a man who took his goal of becoming a hero way too far.

Unphased by and unsympathetic to the problems of others, his conduct and attitude seems proof of his genius.
However, for the ordinary people who have to deal with him he is a calamity given human form.

As a student of Yale University, he was able to fully utilize and display his extraordinary intellect.
He participated in several secret societies within the University,
which eventually lead to an invite directly from the Federal Institute of Sacrists (FIS).