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Millaarc Cranstoun
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Austrian
Franchise Information
Voice Actor Aimi
First Appearance Symphogear XV, Episode 1


A former member of the Bavarian Illuminati.

She is the product of a failed experiment to recreate monsters of myth and legend that was undertaken in the organization's pursuit of eternal life.

She is gifted with not only the ability to fly and enough strength to be able to fight unarmed, but also the power of mind flaying that is hidden behind her stained glance, making her more than capable of both direct and subversive attacks.

She intentionally acts with malice in order to protect her comrades from getting their hands dirty. However, for those she recognizes as a foe, she has no trouble discarding compassion and standing to face them.


XV Episode 2[2]

Full name: Millaarc Cranstoun.

She hails from Styria, Austria. On a trip to Slovakia, she was kidnapped by an elite hunting club. At some point, she was sold off to a remote branch of the Bavarian Illuminati to be used in experiments.

One particular experiment entailed an attempt to use genetic manipulation to create monsters seen only in myth and legend. However, this experiment failed and she was unable become a true "vampire."

Despite this, she still hides herself in a bio-booster cloak known as a "chiroptera." This grants her the ability to fly as well as augment the strength of her arms and legs. If you look closely, she has a number of traits that reveal the original intention to create a vampire.

It is thought that her "Stained Glance" also has its origins in vampire legend.