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XV Episode 1[1]

Theory made practice then finally becoming a decisive play, an abbreviation for "Glittering Gear Gathering Finest Arts."

It is a more refined and efficient form of a tactic seen before in fights against powerful foes, "purging and blasting," and serves as one of the many special functions of the Symphogear.

It functions by converting the outer protective shell of the Symphogear back into energy, focusing it at the fist, and firing the energy at a target at precise timing.

The six Adaptors implementing the technique to focus the energy into a spiral point is known as "hexa-revolver."

By including support into the Symphogear's internal operating system, combined with data from numerous training sessions and live implementations, the technique was optimized to allow precise control over the conversion of defensive power into offensive power.

Currently, further exploration of other possible uses for this technique is underway.

Its greatest weakness is the decrease in effectiveness of the Symphogear's various defense fields. In such a state, there is even a limit to how much interference from the Alca-Noise the Symphogear can tolerate. Depending on the situation, even an Adaptor who stands victorious could be at risk of taking a fatal blow.

It is a "decisive play" not only in the sense that it immediately determines the victor.

The user must also have the conviction to accept the consequences.