Kazanari Tsubasa

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Kazanari Tsubasa
Kazanari Tsubasa.png
Character Information
Age 19
Species Human
Height 167 cm
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
  • Kazanari Fudou
  • Kazanari Genjuurou
  • Kazanari Yatsuhiro
  • 2nd Division
  • S.O.N.G.
  • Kazanari Clan
Relic Ame no Habakiri
Franchise Information
Voice Actor Mizuki Nana
First Appearance Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Episode 1


Kazanari Tsubasa is the first officially documented Symphogear user, carrying the Japanese relic Ame no Habakiri.


Tsubasa used to be a mellow, light-hearted girl, but when her partner Amou Kanade passed away, she became cold and detached. Though, after meeting and being friends with Tachibana Hibiki, she gradually opened up and became a kind yet nonchalant senior to the rest of the team.



  • Both of Tsubasa and Kanade's names contain a reference to Zwei Wing. (The kanji for Tsubasa, , literally means "wings", and one of the kanji of Kanade's last name, (in 天羽) literally means "feathers".)
  • Tsubasa was 5 years old when she first activated her relic, Ame no Habakiri.
  • Tsubasa was 16 years old when she got her special government-issued driving license.
  • She was also trained by Ogawa Shinji when she was young, thus making her the fastest of all the Symphogear users due to Shinji's ninja skills.
  • She learned Shadow Stitching from Ogawa Shinji.
  • Tsubasa can operate her gear proficiently, as seen in G Episode 11, where she was shown to be able to switch back to an older version of her gear at will.
  • Tsubasa is very bad in cleaning, as evident in several scenes of the anime where they portray her room.
  • Tsubasa does not eat past 9PM to maintain her figure[1].
  • One of Tsubasa's favorite song genres is Enka, which is also her voice actress' favorite genre aside from the ones she mainly sings.