Mauser C96

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XV Episode 9[1]

A pistol designed by the German arms manufacturer Mauser. Cheap and easy to handle, it was used widely in China during World War II.

The Mauser C96 that fell into Fudou's hands was one of the many seized during the war, despite it being wholly unbefitting of such a great person so concerned with the sacred nation of Japan.

Fudou decided to eliminate Tsubasa, who is freed from the spell.

However, instead of relying on the physical strength of a Sentinel or Murakumo, the Self-Sacrificial Blade, he executes his will using the Mauser C96 drawn from his sleeve.

He aims his dismay and disappointment towards her, along with the barrel of his gun.

It is a symbolic gesture to show that he considers Tsubasa, a failure who cried like a little girl in the midst of battle, unworthy of being dispatched using the sacred treasure of Japan.