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Character Information
Age Unknown
Species Autoscorer
Affiliations Bavarian Illuminati
Franchise Information
Voice Actor Kino Hina
First Appearance Symphogear AXZ, Episode 1


AXZ Episode 2

A female puppet trapped within an amber crystal. Several hundred years ago it sunk and was lost to the sea, entering a state of dormancy. However, during the great world war it was recovered by a U-boat belonging to the German Navy. The results of the investigation done at that time determined that it was something developed using unknown technology and techniques and was thus labeled a "relic." However, nothing regarding how it could be used was determined and it was left in storage. After the war ended, it was taken to Val Verde by a defecting soldier and had remained there until now.

AXZ Episode 3

Revived from her dormant state by the power of the Antikythera Mechanism, Tiki has resumed her duties as a recorder of planetary motion by updating her star charts. She does not possess any direct offensive abilities. In order to achieve the goals of the Bavarian Illuminati, she has joined Saint Germain. She has the personality of a girl who is in love with love, and always wants to see the object of her affection. She has a dream that by having such a passionate romance, she will one day be more than just a puppet. Perhaps it's for that reason, but since she has awoken she's become obsessed with reading manga aimed at young girls.

AXZ Episode 10

As an Autoscorer, Tiki's primary function is to use her data of the stars to determine the exact timing when the Orion constellation matches up with the leyline points on the ground. That is when the ritual must be performed. Furthermore, the concept of love that she impressed upon herself gives her blind devotion to Adam and thus, when she obtained the immense power from God's Gate, she became a weapon on par with the strength of a God. As can be surmised from Tiki's behavior, although her words are spiteful, she doesn't actually feel any ill-will. She does not function within the concepts of good and evil, but rather simple "ignorance." To put it in perspective, this attitude is identical to the craze that swept Tachibana Hibiki's junior high school, as the rumors that hurt her were spread with no real reason or intent. With no clear leader or agitator in the school, within the classroom, within the cliques, all that could be seen was a faint outline that looked "human" (puppet). The average person is unaware they carry a blade, one that is used whenever they speak without care, without thinking of the consequences. And that can kill heroes.