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|[[Los Alamos National Laboratory]]
|[[Ignite Module]]
|[[Vambrace of Shem-Ha]]
|[[Ready, go!]]
|[[Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law]]
|[[Daedalus End]]
|[[Noble Red]]
====Featured Songs====
====Featured Songs====

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Intending to turn the Divine Power against the Gods themselves, the
progenitor of humanity Adam Weishaupt was struck down by the Symphogear,
transmuted by the Lapis Philosophorum powered by Saint-Germain's ideals.

The secretive Bavarian Illuminati met its end,
and the remnants forced into a corner by the actions of various governments.

The Illuminati weren't the only ones driven into a corner.

The former superpower America had once again turned its nuclear weapons towards Japan.
Facing international criticism, they were forced into solitude on the world stage.

Although they wish for a political solution
in order to prevent the embargo from becoming the spark of a new global conflict,
conflicting expectations of national parties led only to discord, and progress is nearly non-existent.

Even Japan, one of the countries involved,
had sent an appeal to America for a cooperative partnership to mend the broken relationship between the two countries.
Despite this, the act began and ended in superficiality and no agreement was ever reached.

The fate of the world is one that no-one can yet see.

Furthermore, the tensions run high at home as well.

From a place where all the city's landmarks could be viewed at once,
riding in a gondola on the large Ferris wheel famed as a dating location,
were Lydian Private Music Academy students Tachibana Hibki and Kohinata Miku.

The taiyaki they hold in their hands, filled with rice dumplings, are splendid.
Without being too sweet, the epitome of red bean paste has no faults to speak of.

Yet even so, as tension runs between them,
Miku calmly poses a question to Hibiki.

Sure enough, a question that the answer to which lies only within Hibiki, who is at a loss for words.

The threads of legend weaved in the past converge on XV.

The battle around the holy corpse occurs in the dead of summer.

With the bursting lake's surface as their stage, the Girls' voices unleash their radiance.


S.O.N.G. Symphogear Converter Unit Harmonizer Relic
LiNKER Bavarian Illuminati Alchemist Deicide

Episode 1


From Beyond Human History

A casket, sealed away in ages past, surfaces in midsummer.
What lies within is sin, punishment— And the truth.
Its silence is stunning, as words themselves are stolen away.

The fiends of remnant gaze down from above, freed from their yokes.
Dreaming of a future denied, they seek vengeance for a disgrace suffered.


Finè Common Sense Rebuild Model Numbers Outer Physics Friend
Lunar Ruins Auto-Scorer Adam Weishaupt Remnants G3FA Annunaki

Featured Songs

Shiritsu Lydian Ongakuin Kouka
Rokka Ryouran


Episode 2


The Day the Heavens Fell

As seasons change from summer to winter, schemes once again begin to unfold.
Seeking a sacred husk, the swarm crawls forth from an ominous twilight.
There is no room for doubt, they are monsters with a lust for power.

You implore yourself to "do what must be done," and you answer in kind: "it shall be so."
Voices turn to screams as the curtain falls on the garden closest to you and heaven.


Antarctica Lake Vostok Sneeze Luminous Gate Sunglasses Alca-Noise
Elsa Gans! Hamburger Tsubasa's Concert Angelic Remnant Millaarc

Featured Songs

Mikansei Ai Mapputatsu!
Mijuku Shoujo Buttagiri!
Angelic Remnant


Episode 3


Penny Dreadful

The dread sealed away within your heart will soon turn to scorn.
You're used to being looked down upon, yet you do not lose your pride.
Before taking a life, you must first sacrifice your own.

Engraved on the light's shadow, the meaning of words is still "words."
Even were you to be reborn seven times, you retain the conviction to push forward.


Los Alamos National Laboratory America Ignite Module Vambrace of Shem-Ha Ready, go!
Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law Vanessa Daedalus End Noble Red

Featured Songs

Take this! "All loaded"
Mijuku Shoujo Buttagiri!