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From Beyond Human History

A casket, sealed away in ages past, surfaces in midsummer.
What lies within is sin, punishment— And the truth.
Its silence is stunning, as words themselves are stolen away.

The fiends of remnant gaze down from above, freed from their yokes.
Dreaming of a future denied, they seek vengeance for a disgrace suffered.


Rebuild (XV #01)[1] [keyword (edit)]

The Symphogear System has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it. Depending on the Adaptor's level of skill and personal battle style, there is a systematic progression of phases that they go through to release the locks.

In the decisive battle against the Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, the current iteration of the Symphogears, rebuilt by the red gleam of the Lapis Philosophorum, were contaminated by a foreign element outside of their original design specifications. This is assumed to be the inclusion of the Faust Robe's special characteristics.

Examinations and trials showed no immediate problems, and despite the continued caution regarding anomalies, circumstances forced the Adaptors back into normal activity. S.O.N.G. continues to collect data while the Adaptors continue combat, observing any changes that may have occurred.

Model Numbers placeholder keyword
Friend (XV #01)[2][3] [keyword (edit)]

A precious existence that always watches over us.

Our hearts can connect, even without using words.

Lunar Ruins (XV #01)[4] [keyword (edit)]

A massive structure constructed by the Annunaki.

It is thought to be the source of the "Curse of Balal," which distrupts mankind's mutual understanding.

Once, a prehistoric priestess known as Finè set out to destroy the moon, and the ruins along with it.

Furthermore, the Bavarian Illuminati, under the leadership of Saint-Germain, attempted to gain control of the ruins and release the curse on humanity.

However, neither attempt was successful, and humanity still shoulders the yoke of disharmony brought forth by the lunar ruins.

Autoscorer (XV #01)[5] [keyword (edit)]

A term referring to the puppets utilized by alchemists.

Recently, the Auto-Scorer known as "Tiki" was discovered to be equipped with a relic known as the "Antikythera Mechanism," giving her the ability to observe, map, and record the movements of planets and stars.

The collected data covered a wide number of topics, including mapping the veins of the Earth and heavens, known as Leylines, as well as the location of a "coffin" containing an Annunaki's holy corpse.

Adam Weishaupt (XV #01)[6] [keyword (edit)]

The Lodgemaster of the Bavarian Illuminati, who sits atop the organization.

His true form was that of a puppet, created before even prehistoric civilization. He was cast aside, a discarded prototype for mankind.

The reason for his abandonment was being "too perfect."

Although he possessed every ability and function his creators, the Annunaki, wished, it was reasoned that he had no potential beyond that and was dismissed from being officially designated as "human."

Aiming once again to become the ruler of the planet and foreseeing the imminent revival of the Annunaki, he sought the "power" that would allow him to stand on their level and mount his resistance. In this, he found himself at odds with the Symphogear Adaptors and the rest of the Illuminati's leadership.

With his dying breath, he spat a curse upon tomorrow and sneered at the God Slayer's fist.

The Remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati (XV #01)[7][8] [keyword (edit)]

With the passing of Lodgemaster Adam Weishaupt, this term refers to the scattered remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati that lie in hiding.

The majority of such individuals were apprehended by officials of various governments, and are now awaiting judgment.

However, three specimens held in contempt within the society as being "filthy rustlings," Vanessa, Millaarc, and Elsa, grab hold of their dreams, hoist their ideals, and begin their dark and lonely voyage towards accomplishing their goals.

Thou must not look upon us with scorn.
For we are crimson, proud and true—Never was a speck of filthy rust upon us.

G3FA (XV #01)[9] [keyword (edit)]

Theory made practice then finally becoming a decisive play, an abbreviation for "Glittering Gear Gathering Finest Arts."

It is a more refined and efficient form of a tactic seen before in fights against powerful foes, "purging and blasting," and serves as one of the many special functions of the Symphogear.

It functions by converting the outer protective shell of the Symphogear back into energy, focusing it at the fist, and firing the energy at a target at precise timing. The six Adaptors implementing the technique to focus the energy into a spiral point is known as "hexa-revolver." By including support into the Symphogear's internal operating system, combined with data from numerous training sessions and live implementations, the technique was optimized to allow precise control over the conversion of defensive power into offensive power.

Currently, further exploration of other possible uses for this technique is underway.

Its greatest weakness is the decrease in effectiveness of the Symphogear's various defense fields. In such a state, there is even a limit to how much interference from the Alca-Noise the Symphogear can tolerate. Depending on the situation, even an Adaptor who stands victorious could be at risk of taking a fatal blow.

It is a "decisive play" not only in the sense that it immediately determines the victor.

The user must also have the conviction to accept the consequences.

Annunaki (XV #01)[10] [keyword (edit)]

A "Custodian," meaning "ruler" or "controller." Depending on linguistic context, "Custodian" can also refer to a "God" or "Creator."

Their true identity is the one of the Annunaki, which appear in ancient Sumerian legends.

They created the predecessor of humanity, an apex prototype known as "Adam," and placed the Curse of Balal upon humanity to seal their mutual understanding.

They are beings that remain shrouded in mystery, even today.


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