S2CA Hexa-Conversion

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AXZ Episode 13[1][2]

A feat that has slaughtered many miracles upon the trails of this tale.

It has been repeatedly used to fully unlock the Symphogear and access the X-Drive form.

This form grants not only the ability of flight, but also sharply raises the gear's output and power.
It was expected that it could be used against Adam in the final battle,
but under the circumstances they were unable to acquire the necessary amount of phonic gain.

However, when Adam heartlessly released the last of the Faust Robe's energy,
Hibiki had a drastic thought (or perhaps lack thereof) to use it against him.
With the backup provided by her friends and from the bridge,
they were able to put that energy to optimal use and partially succeed in the Hexa-Conversion.

In this instance the technique was not used to activate the X-Drive form,
but rather to simply increase the gear's output and force an instance of Rebuild.

This use of the technique was created thanks to Hibiki's flexible and free thinking (or perhaps lack thereof),
along with the backup of HQ, and the similarities shared by songs (the Symphogear) and alchemy (the Faust Robe).