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AXZ Episode 8[1][2]

Two Symphogears were made from the pair of weapons wielded by the Sumerian Goddess Zababa: the red blade Shul-Shagana and the green blade Igalima.
When used at the same time, they have the special effect of amplifying one another's power, a process referred to as Unison.

When it comes to battle sense, experience and overall strength, Kirika and Shirabe are lacking in comparison to the other Adaptors.
However, the special trait of their gears makes them capable of producing a stronger output than anyone else can if the right conditions are met.

In reality, Shirabe and Kirika have overcome numerous enemies who were beyond their strength level as a result of this.

Because the Lapis Philosophorum sealed the power of the Ignite Module, Genjuurou foresaw that Unison would become a necessary part of their future strategies.
However, he also knew that Unison had an easily exploitable weakness in that it becomes unusable if Kirika and Shirabe are separated from each other.
So, he proposed new Unison patterns and began training the Adaptors to use them.

In a sense, this was to be a Unison of Friendship.

Instead of relying upon the traits of the gears themselves, such as Shul-Shagana and Igalima,
they would attempt a "Mock Unison" that used the relationship bonds of the Adaptors themselves as a base.

In past battles there have been multiple instances of the Adaptor's uniting their feelings together,
which resulted in a shared melody and song that welled up in all of their hearts.
This resonance of Phonic Gain has been confirmed possible,
and so the goal of this training was to make that ability more instant and convenient and thereby reliable in battle.

Of course it is impossible for this Mock Unison to drive their output as high as the power achieved by Kirika and Shirabe,
however for strategic purposes it makes it easier for them work together in different pairs
and also raises their performance to a level that covers for their weaknesses.

While this idea seems simple, it is not easy to actually execute.
However for Chris and Maria who not only have a lot of natural talent but have also come back from the verge of death multiple times,
their experiences brought them closer together to the point where it made the miracle of Mock Unison possible.