The Balance of Macrocosm and Microcosm

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AXZ Episode 8[1][2]

"Macrocosm" is a large scale view of our physical universe as a whole.
"Microcosm" is a small scale view of our physical universe as individual pieces.
By processing both of these views together, one should be able to analyze the existence and construction of all things and then recreate them.

It is the very basis of all thought and study within the field of alchemy.

This idea can be seen reflected in many of the symbols left behind by numerous alchemists over the years.

Elfnein adopted this approach in her development of the countermeasure to the Lapis Philosophorum.
The "Philosopher's Stone" is an object created through the life energy of the entire world.
Meanwhile, the "Fool's Stone" was created through the life energy a small, single individual: Hibiki Tachibana.

A phrase used to denote the Philosopher's Stone is "the one that is all,"
and this is yet another representation of "Microcosm" (one) and "Macrocosm" (all) that implies it is perfect existence given form.

Shirabe: "Someone took the time to try and explain it, but..."
Kirika: "It still doesn't make a lick of sense."