Europe's Decline

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A series of large scale events led to a major economic collapse throughout the continent, leaving its infrastructure disheveled and weak. With the exception of Greece, every country's government fell into disarray and are now practically non-existent. The decline has made crime run rampant and unchecked, and many of the occult groups that had been kept in check now freely spread underground, leading to the rise of many old-fashioned secret societies. The darkness this situation has created is filled with many mysteries and unknown peculiarities. With Europe in this condition, people have taken to calling it the "Dark Continent" as Africa had once been.

Ever since the end of the Magical Girl Incident, S.O.N.G. has continued to investigate the causes behind it. It was thought that Carol, who was born in Europe, took advantage of America's fall from power and sought to move her plans forward under the backing of some European society, or nation, with its own goals in mind. However, some people still harbor doubt and wonder if the whole thing could still have been in-line with America's plans. As of yet, the true details of the situation remain unclear.