Destructor God Hibiki

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AXZ Episode 12[1][2]

Separated from its previous host Tiki and transferred to the new vessel of God, Hibiki Tachibana,
the Divine Power manifested in silver colored mayhem. A giant of light.

It's official designation is "Divine Weapon type2_Hibiki" but was also given the "Destructor God Hibiki" name out of convenience.

In Tiki's case, her obedient and blind love for Adam created a convenient weapon (woman) for him to use.
However, in this irregular case, the Divine Power was overlaid upon the Deicide curse that was affixed to Gungnir.
As a result the manifestation stopped at a level far from even being considered a demigod,
and would perhaps be more likened to that of a newborn god.

Even so the power of the giant was fearsome, in particular the beams shot from its mouth were more than enough to lay waste to the surrounding area.

In fact, analysis revealed that these beams are its voice applied to a directional melody and released with high density and compression.
In other words, they were a plasmified "song."