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AXZ Episode 10[1][2]

A member of S.O.N.G.'s "Team Blue" that was dispatched to provide security at the leyline points that formed the inverse Orion constellation which was identified as "God's Gate."

His official codename is "BLUE-3."

He attempted to get in contact with the other members of his team when he noticed something strange,
but before he knew it he met his end at the hand of one of Saint-Germain's alchemic bullets.

On a slightly unrelated note, there exists an incredible man with a similar name: Bruce Lee.

He was an actor, producer, writer and talented martial artist.
At the same time (although this seems contradictory) he was also one of two people, called the "strongest man on Earth."[3]

His most famous work, "Enter the Dragon," became a huge hit all over the world and left a deep impression on the genre of action movies after its release.

He died at the very young age of 32, and had passed away before the height of the trend that he himself started.
For that reason he quickly passed into legend, almost that of a God,
and even now there are "men eternally reliving their middle school days" that respectfully refer to him as "Master."

On yet another slightly unrelated note, this legendary man will never appear directly in the story of Symphogear.
But in reality, a number of famous lines from the movies he starred in have been adapted and made their way into the script at more than one occasion.


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