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Finè (XV #01)[1] [keyword (edit)]

A priestess who once existed within an eternal moment.

She has appeared many times throughout human history, and is the instigator of many of mankind's great paradigm shifts.

She is also the single most important individual to the story of the Adaptors thus far. Her name bears the meaning of "the end."

When she incarnated within Sakurai Ryouko, Finè developed many heretical technologies, starting with the Symphogear System.

However, all of these technologies were mistakes, brought about by the Curse of Balal causing her to be unable to convey her emotions.

Although she was once immortal, in the end she was set free from delusion by the fist and the scythe, able to move on with a smile.

Behind her sadness, however, was a truth not known to anyone, not even Finè herself.