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AXZ Episode 2[1][2]

The daily life of the Adaptors.

It has been thought that the most important aspect of being able to control the Symphogear's power is not high physical strength or incredible reflexes,
but rather stability in ones mental state.

However, if that is the case then why do the Adaptors go through such intense training on a regular basis?

That is to create a strong belief in themselves. To raise their level of "self-confidence."

How much can they love themselves as they fight to stay true to their beliefs?

As long as they believe in themselves, they will always have someone to depend on and can survive even the worst of situations.
With that in mind, suitable training menus are prepared on an individual basis.

One could simply say that this is just the result of their willpower,
but in reality each Adaptor has shown a slight rise in their link coefficient, which also leads to improved fighting strength.

Shirabe: "That's why it's not cheating if I use roller blades, Kiri."
Kirika: "That still doesn't sound right to me. Someone's trying to pull the wool over my eyes!"