The Fool's Stone

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AXZ Episode 7[1][2]

The nickname given to the unanalyzed substance that once fell off of Hibiki's chest. Chris Yukine thought up the name. In the past, Hibiki's body was fused with the fragments of Gungnir (the first medical case of a fusion between human and sacrist). As the fusion grew deeper, it gave birth to various supernatural phenomena. One example of this was Spontaneous Combustion - the abnormal rise of Hibiki's body temperature to extreme levels. The inside of her body became like a kiln, creating a substance that eventually grew outside of the body and was collected. The research teams determined the substance had a composition extremely similar to that of the human body and the phase during which it was created was fixed at an imaginary number. Various parts of it differed from the makeup of the human body and it was temporarily filed as an undiscovered substance. Up until this point, it had been stored at a special location along with other unanalyzed objects that are controlled by the Japanese Government in cooperation with the United Nations. When Elfnein read the report about this object she didn't approach it scientifically as the research teams did, but rather applied her own unique approach as an Alchemist. She realized that the identity of the substance was like a "Philosopher's stone set in a negative phase." From there, she began to build her hypothesis.