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AXZ Episode 3

One of the Alchemists' means of communication, which utilizes an exchange of sympathy force. It enables communication between subjects that are far apart. Normally, both the sender and receiver are required to be telepaths for it to work. However, high-class practitioners (Telepath Mages) are able to convert the mind's thought signals into a physical form, which allows communication with individuals who are not telepaths. For Lodgemaster Adam Weishaupt, his thoughts, when given physical form, turned into an old-fashioned telephone. This not only made it possible for him to communicate with Tiki, who is not a telepath, but it also functions as a highly encrypted communication signal that is very difficult for third parties to intercept.

AXZ Episode 13

The sound of a ringing telephone. It's something difficult to resist, pulling people's attention almost like gravity. Even in the midst of battle, reacting to the sound for just a second creates an opening. To a certain extent this shows the level of Adam's cunning, taking advantage of the habits practiced by modern man. This is perhaps the first time in human history that mastery of the telephone could be perceived as threatening.