Summer Homework

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AXZ Episode 1

While fighting against numerous supernatural forces for the sake of humanity, this is one worry that persistently clings to a small corner of Hibiki's mind. She wants to hurry up and just be done with it.

AXZ Episode 3

The second semester has already begun, yet as per usual her homework remains unfinished. The staff of Lydian Music Academy are aware of Hibiki's special circumstances and have simply granted her an extension, never an exemption. This is not the result of strict rules, but rather the result of their kindness. Despite her unique situation, they treat her the same as all the other students. (Whether this comes across or not to Hibiki herself seems largely uncertain, however...)

AXZ Episode 7


AXZ Episode 10

She never looked cool while doing it. Sometimes struggling to her wits end, other times crying like a baby, but thanks to some unconventional assistance she was finally able to finish her summer homework. To Tachibana Hibiki, who lives in the middle of the paranormal, the mundanity of every day life is something important and special. If she was by herself, she might have cracked under the pressure. However, at all times she is surrounded by friends, companions, and sunshine.