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13 Years ago at the United Nations General Assembly, the Noise were officially recognized under the classification of "singular disaster." The Noise have been observed to take form in various shapes and sizes, but all of them are equipped with a means of attack. Each form shares certain attributes specific to the purpose of functioning as a weapon:

They only target human beings, any person who comes in direct contact with them is immediately decomposed into carbon.

The laws of nature regarding energy loss and consumption do not apply to them.

They typically appear without warning, appearing out of thin air and multiplying instantly.

There are no valid means of repelling their attacks. Aside from sacrificing an equal number of human bodies that would reduce the Noise to lumps of carbon, the only other option is to wait and stall for a period of time after their emergence, until the Noise decompose on their own.

Because they look similar to other living creatures, past experiments had attempted to communicate with them, but these were unable to proceed due to numerous failures. Ultimately, communicating and controlling the Noise is impossible because they likely have no capacity for free thought.

This is the data that has been recorded thus far.

Further, after the Noise had been classified at the United Nations General Assembly, private research agencies began an investigation into the outbreak occurrence rates.

Taking data from central Tokyo's population density, the state of public affairs and status of the economy, it was calculated that throughout their entire lives the current residents of Tokyo had a smaller chance of encountering the Noise than being involved in an incident with a random (human) attacker.

In order to stem the flow of information regarding the Noise, the statistics were left unconfirmed, and remain the only numbers that shape public perceptions about the number of Noise outbreaks.