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Season One Keyword

The Symphogear system created from a fragment of the 2nd classified relic, "Ichaival."

Its user is Yukine Chris.

At a point during World War II, Japan was facing a losing war and tensions were running high. In the interest of researching an "absolute power" that might help to turn the tide, Ichiaival was obtained from Germany. However, 10 years prior to today...

The private organization that established the core of sacred relic research, the "Kazanari Organization," was newly reformed into the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2. It was around this time that Ichaival went missing. (At this point the leader of Division 2 was Tsubasa's Grandfather, Kazanari Fudou. He resigned as a result of the incident and a young Genjuurou, who was working as a public safety officer, was assigned as the 2nd generation Commander.)

The details of Ichaival's disappearance and how it came into the possession of Chris are currently unknown.

G Keyword

The second relic which provides the base of the “Ichaival” Symphogear worn by Yukine Chris. The gear was made from a fragment of a bow which in Norse mythology was wielded by the hunting god Ullr.