Hermes Trismegistus

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GX Episode 6[1][2]

A three-layered defensive technique exhibited by Carol.

The name, which means “Thrice-greatest Hermes,” is the name of a legendary alchemist of the highest caliber who was responsible for the creation of the Emerald Tablet.

This technique can only be completed by joining three distinct arts as one. Apart from alchemy this includes demon summoning and celestial mechanics. In addition to the user needing the necessary skills, this technique requires advanced preparation and is not by any means considered easy to use.

However, in exchange for that, the defensive potential of the technique is exceedingly high. It can be used as a barrier that will block out any deadly attacks and give the user an upper hand in breaking a deadlock.

Carol’s use of the technique was actually very clever and logical, in terms of strategy she completely read her opponent’s movements and sought to block them off. However, Hibiki had lit a fire within herself and brought a swift end to the technique with no regard to its origin or effects, simply by thinking “don’t know, don’t care.”