Floating Carrier

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AXZ Episode 1

A defensive facility of the Republic of Val Verde that, along with numerous anti-aircraft guns, they used in attempt to stop the invading UN forces. Its official name is the "SFC2 Esperanza." Originally, it was a naval warship belonging to Russia, however after years of use it was marked for scrap and then subsequently sold and laundered through illegal gambling establishments on the high seas before it eventually came into the possession of the rogue nation of Val Verde. Of course, it was not originally equipped for flight or stealth, and it was only after the Bavarian Illuminati offered their heretical technology that it became an "unthinkable weapon, a weapon that must not exist."

AXZ Episode 6

A hybrid weapon composed of both modern and heretical technology, it appeared suddenly in the skies of Tokyo. This is the sister ship of the floating carrier that was destroyed by Hibiki and the others in Val Verde. It is suspected that Saint Germain and the Bavarian Illuminati smuggled it into the country. Its formal name is the SFC1 Arius. The General Class SFC2 Esperanza was a ship that specialized in offensive capabilities and so the President Class SFC1 Arius pales in comparison. It is a flagship primarily designed to hold communication equipment for sending out information and commands.