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There had long been rumors of it behind closed doors, but as a result of the destruction to the moon one of the world’s biggest political fireworks shows occurred when the Japanese government’s “Anti-Noise Weapon” was revealed to the public.

Several years prior, as a result of Fine’s research into “relic activation,” the American government became aware of a “new potential energy source” that surpassed fossil fuels and nuclear technology. Although at that time Fine held the advantage and was manipulating the government at her will, the Americans saw this is as an opportunity to reclaim their lost national prestige and resorted to covert, illegal actions. Beyond the hacking Division 2’s headquarters, they also utilized private armed forces who carried unmarked equipment and weaponry to prevent being traced back to the source. These troops were responsible for the assassination of Defense Minister Hiroki, which was performed at the order of Fine.

However, when the Symphogear’s existence was revealed, the American government was quick to turn a sharp tongue to Japan. They were the first country to openly criticize and begin fanning the flames of public opinion. After that, when a contract of “bilateral cooperation” was incorporated into the US-Japan Security Treaty, they did a complete 180 and began strongly proposing cooperative maneuvers.

Even though it was revealed as an “Anti-Noise Weapon,” since it had been used to destroy the falling moon fragment it became apparent that it was capable of producing a tremendous amount of destructive energy, which, to the Asian countries surrounding Japan, became an immediate concern. The subsequent months of criticism was only amplified within Japan itself by domestic opposition and citizen groups that rose up decrying its clear “unconstitutionality.” At this point the Japanese government began to accept the proposals of the American government, changing their course in a big appeal to working for international peace.

Within that time, a new auxiliary cabinet member was shifted into the position left by Hiroki Taketsugu, and now the current Defense Minister, Ishida Yoshimune, is gaining a large amount of merit for his actions.

Ishida was originally a member of the Japanese diet who was part of the pro-American faction. He had called for cooperation and reconciliation between the two countries for some time. Thus in his new position as Defense Minister he made diplomatic maneuvers by stepping over the Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although this was heavily frowned upon. Despite the fact that recent events had many militaristic implications, he saw no choice put to proceed forward despite the truth remaining hazy.

The fact that the Japanese government had been in possession of the Symphogear system was a reality that had a tremendous impact on the status quo of the world.

However, this impact was not solely due to the fact that it was a means of attacking the Noise, but also due to the advent of “relic activation” there were expectations built around them providing a new source of energy, among various other promising avenues of development.

The two large export powers of the world, Russia and China, drafted a joint declaration aimed at Japan that stated: “Not only is the Japanese government creating a monopoly on the technology and engineering surrounding relics, but they also have a monopoly on all of the benefits that come as a result of the relics being in their possession. This should not be allowed to stand.” This comment, which was directed with an air of audacity, only served to raise existing tensions, which rippled further in other directions.

Despite that the threat of the Noise yet persists, the conflict that exists between people also fails to cease, continuing on…

That is the present state of the world.