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There's a lot of misinformation around the internet about Symphogear topics. To clear this up, this wiki will heavily prioritize citations at every juncture. Whenever you're making an article, make sure anything you say can be backed up properly. The moderators here will be double checking!

If citing things is new to you, fret not! We've got tutorials here to help you.

Creating Normal Citations

Use this tutorial to help you make citations here in this wiki w/r/t normal citations. If your information is about the keynotes for example on zoid's blog, this is the basic citation style you need. We are not an academic site; you don't have to worry about using MLA or APA or whatever wild stuff that's out there. Just make sure you properly cite the article and point out where it's said.

Click here for the tutorial!

Citation System for citing events within the anime proper

One of the major things this wiki is trying to avoid is being its own source. To avoid this, we've come up with a simple citation scheme to use when citing things from the anime. It is as follows:

{{cite episode|[season number]|[episode number]|[timestamp, optional]}}

As an example, citing the eighth episode of GX would give this[1].

Timestamps on when it happens are optional, but the season and episode number are required. It is best to apply timestamps when there is something extremely brief that happens that would be otherwise very difficult to find.

Do not directly quote subs. This is because there are many subs that exist online, which in turn can cause potential conflict. Whenever you're describing the events that happen in Symphogear, always provide a general idea unless you are backing it up with a more solid source (keynotes, etc.). Always make sure to cite everything you write!

Most importantly: If you cannot cite a given piece of information, do not write about it. Anything that cannot be backed by citations is speculation, which is not what we are documenting.