Beef Stroganoff

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AXZ Episode 7[1][2]

Just like the Extraordinary Singin' Hood, those who fight while singing certainly do exist. And so do those who know that if you sing while you cook, it could lead to disaster. However this time was no child's play. The recipe was studied ahead of time, the ingredients carefully prepared, and each move executed with precision. In the past, the cooking your mother did may have seemed so effortless you would question whether she was actually trying. However, when you realize that is actually the result of a tremendous amount of experience then it will lead you to a new level of enlightenment and bring your cooking closer to perfection than it ever has been before. One such dish is of course, beef stroganoff. "The name beef doesn't come from the meat" Who exactly was it, that said those words? But of course from the perspective of a high schooler making the dish, that question is completely meaningless. The pot of pure bliss simply simmers upon the stove, embodying the vastness of Russian cuisine.

"Oh no! I made too much for just the two of us..."

"That's more than okay! Just leave the extra to me~"