Barrier Coating

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A protective barrier created from vibrations emitted by the Symphogear System in the form of sound waves. In other words, the music the Symphogear emits nullifies the special ability of the Noise to break down the human body into base carbon.

While clad in this so-called musical barrier, the Noise's carbon conversion ratio is reduced to 0 against an Adaptor. When combined with the Symphogear System's ability to nullify the Phase Contrast Barrier, it emboldens the user to act freely against the Noise, now stripped of both sword and shield.

The Barrier Coating does not merely protect the wearer, but also extends to the local area around the Symphogear. The range of the protective effect is equal to how far the music produced by the Symphogear System itself can reach; any Noise within range of the music becomes altered by it, their carbon conversion ability weakened.

However, as a result of the barrier being created through sound waves, there is a point of weakness in that the effect is reduced the greater the distance from the Adaptor. That said, even as the coating weakens over range, it never completely disappears within the area of effect—this factor makes the deployment of auxiliary support a viable strategy.