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AXZ Episode 3

A chemical that does the opposite of LiNKER by forcibly reducing the Adaptor's link coefficients. When their link coefficient is reduced, it increases the effect of the Gear's backfire upon them, which drastically limits their combat potential and is effectively a deadly poison to them.

AXZ Episode 12

In the past, Dr. Ver developed Anti_LiNKER and used it to cause a number of serious problems for the Adaptors. However, this time it played an important role in "Operation: Birthday Party" as a means to separate Hibiki from the energy (the Divine Power) that consumed her and gave her a divine form. This particular batch of Anti_LiNKER was improvised by Elfnein, who had completed the LiNKER recipe. However, its accuracy and effectiveness is quite low and can't compare to the version that is humbly made by Dr. Ver.