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GX Episodes 1, 2 and 4[1][2]

Currently only 2 of these terrifying automatons have been seen. Leiur, who pursues the fleeing Elfnein. And Phara, who assaulted Maria at the concert.

They have immense fighting strength, so much so that Tsubasa Kazanari, even armed with Ame no Habakiri, declared Phara to be a monster.

The names they were given appear to reflect special attributes and characteristics they hold, and it seems their creator Carol focused foremost on their functionality during the design process. In fact, despite being automatons, they are capable of speaking and expressing themselves almost exactly like a human. This is due to the fact that Carol used individual parts of her own psyche a base for each of their AIs.

XV Episode 1[3]

A term referring to the puppets utilized by alchemists.

Recently, the Auto-Scorer known as "Tiki" was discovered to be equipped with a relic known as the "Antikythera Mechanism," giving her the ability to observe, map, and record the movements of planets and stars.

The collected data covered a wide number of topics, including mapping the veins of the Earth and heavens, known as Leylines, as well as the location of a "coffin" containing an Annunaki's holy corpse.