Singular Disaster Anti-Riot Unit

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A government agency created to mobilize in response to any appearance of the classified singular disaster: "Noise." The primary directives of Division 1 are: providing guidance for evacuating citizens, diverting and distracting the Noise, and disposing of the wreckage from attacks. Normally when a person hears the name "Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit" this is what they think of, Division 1 is the public face of the agency in the mass media.

Division 2 functions very similarly to Division 1, it also carries out missions to help minimize the damage from Noise attacks. However there is one fundamental difference between them: Division 2 is in possession of the Symphogear System.

During the time of World War II, Division 2's predecessor was founded by ex-military forces. Operating from within special facilities, the "Kazanari Organization" was the birthplace of research for methods and tactics used to exterminate the Noise. Currently, Division 2 is the organization on the leading edge of anti-Noise tactics and function on a global basis to protect humanity.