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Character Information
Franchise Information
Voice Actor M.A.O
First Appearance Symphogear XV, Episode 1


The woman leading the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Her promotion to this role was not due to any particular combat or leadership skills, but simply due to being the most senior member of the organization.

Although it may be considered unfortunate, her soft demeanor conceals a shrewdness that allows her to accomplish her goals.

During her time in the Bavarian Illuminati, she was involved in developing the Faust Robes. Unfortunately, due to an accident, she sustained heavy injuries.

The Faust Robe technology was used to help recover her lost faculties, making her into a form of alchemical cyborg.


XV Episode 3[2]

Full name: Vanessa Diodati.

She hails from Stanley, Hong Kong,
and is the daughter of the president of Hammer Films (her father is British of Indian descent).

Both of her parents were actually members of the Bavarian Illuminati,
and Vanessa had participated in the organization's activities and rituals from a young age.

Despite showing much potential even at such a young age,
she suffered a fatal wound from an accident while developing the Faust Robes.

Her injured body was augmented into a cyborg and she was just barely able to survive.
Unfortunately for her, this did not agree with alchemical ideals of "perfect life,"
and she was stripped of all her achievements and status in the organization.

After learning that it was her own parents who had made this decision,
she came to see herself of nothing more than worthless "scrap."

Her body is held together by a high-density energy field not unlike the one used to form the Symphogears and Faust Robes, but unlike those she is able to maintain it indefinitely.
On the other hand, her output isn't quite as high as that of the Faust Robes, and as such the technology was dismissed from becoming a formal outfit for alchemists.