The Leyline Blockade Plan

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AXZ Episode 10[1][2]

Glittering lights mark the points.
If you connect the points, lines begin to form.
If you follow the lines, they eventually come together to form a circular pattern.
That pattern has form and meaning, and when completed creates a magic circle.

The space filled by that magical circle becomes "God's Gate"
and it drains the life energy that flows from the points that connect the leylines.
Using that energy to transmutate the "Divine Power" was the Bavarian Illuminati's plan.

For most of the time S.O.N.G. had simply been chasing them,
but after their battles with the alchemists they took the fragments of data they obtained and saw through their intentions.
Their counter plan was to use the Keystones that act as the safety valves of the leylines and temporarily block the flow of energy.

However, the leylines are an important source of energy that makes the land fertile and stopping the flow might risk inducing a "wasteland effect" that causes the land to wither.
It was for this reason that the Director of Cabinet Intelligence, Yatsuhiro Kazanari (a man who works mostly in a gray area),
called a meeting with heads of each administrative division of Japan.
With various assurances and guarantees, including ample reparation, a vote was cast that successfully put the plan into action.

They waited until the spiritual pressure had rose to the limit, then used the keystones to shut down the flow of the leyline energy into God's Gate.
They successfully put a stop to the plans of the Bavarian Illuminati.

However, that wasn't the end.

In reality, there was more than one of "God's Gate."
If you look up into the night sky, the very stars themselves form the shape of yet another gate.

Just as Elfnein had utilized the balance of Macrocosm and Microcosm to form a plan to deal with the Lapis Philosophorum,
Adam also used the same perspective to deal with this interference.
Instead of drawing energy from the life among the stars,
he drew enormous power from the very stars themselves into yet another "God's Gate."

With the Keystones now useless, the life energy of the stars flowed like a waterfall of light down upon Tiki.

Of course the incompetent Adam had not actually foreseen Yatsuhiro's plan,
he didn't even consider the idea of anyone outside of the Adaptors actually posing a threat.
With the "Divine Power" nearly in his grasp, he was shocked when it came to an abrupt halt. He almost threw his back out.

Even so, without the need for any tools or preparation, he simply utilized the ridiculous amount of magic energy at his disposal
to perform alchemy that forcibly opened the "God's Gate" among the stars - out of the reach of anyone else.

Thus, the tables turned once again to where the Bavarian Illuminati's plan was a success and the efforts of Japan and S.O.N.G. had failed.
It all stays according to Adam's plan.

AXZ Episode 11

It all wasn't in vain.

The long, drawn out monologues weren't in vain. What a relief.