The Lady at the Tobacco Shop

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XV Episode 5[1]

She once boasted that there was no place she couldn't infiltrate, as long as she had her glasses as a disguise.

A female inspector once feared and respected in many countries. In her retirement, she uses her connections and experience to lead a new life as an informant.

She lives in Katsuurashi, in Chiba, where she was raised. Katsuurashi is a place known for the color, spiciness, and above all else, taste, of their tan tan noodles.

When she met Genjuurou, she was at the time a novice (her resume notwithstanding) informant. When she met the novice Razor, they got along strangely well, challenging and overcoming many obstacles together.

She's known for her gentle demeanor and always having a smile on her face, but according to Genjuurou, when it comes to work she becomes harsh very quickly.
When she was active, her nickname was "The Smiling Bomb."

Even at her current age, she continues to torture herself by maintaining ties to the underworld, but frequently laughs it off by calling herself "unexploded ordnance."

Many works draw inspiration from her exploits, including an American drama that received worldwide critical acclaim and nine seasons.
But that's a story for another time.