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AXZ Episode 4[1][2]

A converter unit that releases the power of the Lapis Philosophorum and reforms it into an equippable Faust Robe.
It has been specially tuned for use with each alchemist.

For Saint-Germain it takes the form of a gun, for Cagliostro a ring and for Prelati a kendama.

AXZ Episode 13

After it converts the light of the Lapis into a Faust Robe, this device acts just like the Symphogear's Armed Gear - as a weapon that is tuned to the user's battle style.

In episode 12, it was left behind after the Alchemists brought light upon death to prevent the damage from the nuke.

As their perfect bodies disintegrated into the sky, the Spellcaster should have vanished along with them.
However the force of their will - their bonds, which surpass even perfection, assured that it stayed in this world for just a little while longer.