Reactive Contamination

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AXZ Episode 9[1][2]

A malfunction in the converter unit of the Symphogear system that comes about as a result of the Fool's Stone counteracting the effects of the Philosopher's Stone (Lapis Philosophorum).

With no hard data on the Lapis Philosophorum readily available,
Elfnein's working theory on how to counteract the suppression of the Ignite Module was mainly based on observations and guess work.
While the "Nullification Barrier Coating" was a success, the energy output was unstable due to an error in measurement,
which put stress upon the system and ultimately resulted in a "Logic Error" bug that left the system unable to fully utilize all of its functions properly.

While this poses no dire threat to the Symphogear system itself,
an adequate overhaul is necessary to debug the process and will take a fair amount of time and effort to complete.

AXZ Episode 13

Thanks to Saint-Germain and the information she handed over regarding the Lapis Philosophorum, the reactive contamination cleansing process was sped up considerably.

When it came time to rescue Hibiki from the Divine Power, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika's converter units had already been decontaminated.

Thus, "Operation: Birthday Party" was able to begin with all participating members in perfect condition.

However, just after they managed to recover Hibiki, they were forced into an even more dire situation,
and eventually found themselves facing down Adam Weishaupt for the last time.

At this point Hibiki's converter was the only one that had not been decontaminated and that made it like a ticking time-bomb.
Unfortunately it exploded with the worst possible timing, right as she went in for the final blow.
Her Symphogear instantly became dysfunctional (Gungnir_Status Ailment) and she was unable to rely on its abilities.

With its output falling drastically, the gear turned grayscale and became nothing more than shackles upon Hibiki's body.
With her unable to even move, Adam prepared to deliver his own final blow.

At that moment, Tsubasa and the others converted the armor of their cleansed gears into energy and released it at Hibiki.
The outside energy was able to compensate for Gungnir's low output and thanks to that quick thinking, Hibiki was able to escape the impending attack.

Although Gungnir remained grayscale, her friend's thoughts and feelings became a rainbow-colored phosphorescence that surrounded her.
Further, Hibiki's ability to "connect" gave her limited access to the other gear's attacks and abilities.