Lunar Ruins

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AXZ Episode 7[1][2]

In the past, the Priestess Fine attempted to destroy the moon in its entirety to stop the Curse of Balal. In contrast to that, Saint Germain and the others have planned to overwrite the system to give themselves administrative authority and using that control, end the curse. Fine's reason for wanting to destroy the moon was to recover the Unified Language, but Saint Germain and the others wish to end the Curse of Balal in order to free humanity from its subjugation. Although the actions of both parties may seem to line up with each other, their goals are very different. In order to gain control of the moon, it is thought that power equal to that of the Custodians is necessary. Therefore, they seek "the Power of God" which is said to be overwhelming.

XV Episode 1[3]

A massive structure constructed by the Annunaki.

It is thought to be the source of the "Curse of Balal," which distrupts mankind's mutual understanding.

Once, a prehistoric priestess known as Finè set out to destroy the moon, and the ruins along with it.

Furthermore, the Bavarian Illuminati, under the leadership of Saint-Germain, attempted to gain control of the ruins and release the curse on humanity.

However, neither attempt was successful, and humanity still shoulders the yoke of disharmony brought forth by the lunar ruins.